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Last weekend started out lazy as any other weekends. But I was glad I dragged my lazy bones up from bed and went to iAcademy in Makati for their Open House 2018.

iAcademy Open House 2018

Themed “Unlocking the Gates for Greats“, this year’s iAcademy Open House 2018 invited industry experts, practitioners, and alumni, to speak about their craft and share their experiences both from the industry and their school days in iAcademy, which was not too long ago.

iAcademy Nexus

iAcademy Nexus in Buendia, Makati City

iACADEMY, with its new campus in Yakal St., Makati City, has put into heart preparing young people, starting from high school, for the future. Their students are now making robots, designing mobile apps, programming software to interact with AI (artificial intelligence), and creating digital, tech-based tools and products. Hence the 2018 Open House to showcase all these too well.

Among the speakers were Mr. John Gregory Jose (Lead Software Engineer and Mobile Developer Expert at Novare Technologies), Ms. Des Feliciano (Creative Team Head in Leo Burnett and Blackpencil Manila), and Ms. Angelyn Mercado (Underwater Robotics Researcher) who spoke about their field of expertise on Mobile App Development, Graphic Illustration, and Robotics, respectively.

But what caught Blogger Manila‘s interest most is the talk of Mr. Paulo Agudelo, a Sound Engineer, and owner of Apollo25 Music.

Style in Sound

You don’t meet an audio professional everyday, at least in my circle of friends.

iAcademy Open House 2018

iAcademy Open House 2018

Paulo Agudelo

Mr. Paulo Agudelo, Speaker

iAcademy Open House

iAcademy Open House Speakers

So when he shared the craft behind creating simple ringtones to the detailed intricacies of film and gaming sound and background design, it showed how sound design can be complex, hard, but fun for the audiophile!

Paulo was also jolly in his method of sharing as a speaker at the iAcademy Open House 2018 and very much game when I asked for a photo-opp with him (as you can see below).

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Furthermore, he is an MMA alumnus and currently works as a Music Producer and Musical Scorer, among others, in Thirty Six-O Media. He is also a PMPC Star Awards nominee and was the Sound Designer for one of the most controversial films in CinemalayaAng Guru Kong ‘Di Maturing Mabasa; and for Joel Lamangan‘s film – Bhoy Intsik – which garnered international awards.

New Programs of iAcademy

Faculty members of iAcademy also introduced their new programs including Psychology, School of Business, School of Design, and School of Computing.

iAcademy Campus

Inside iAcademy Campus

Blogger Manila

HELLO!” from Blogger Manila!

These were led by Chairperson of Psychology Ms. Anna Abrera, Dean of iAcademy School of Business Ms. Shieradel Jimenez, and Dean Emeritus Mitch Andaya.

As an academician myself, I was amazed at all these planned program development including those that were started already. All these amidst the curriculum adjustments mandated by CHED recently in reaction to the K12 developments.

Moreover, here is a listing and details of some of the new and developed programs being offered by the academy:

  • Robotics

Robots nowadays make our cars, process our food, transport people and goods, help doctors perform amazing, life-saving surgeries and more. iACADEMY provides its senior high students two years of a solid robotics curriculum that includes design, study, research, and actual prototype-making that can potentially help their community and society at large.

According to iACADEMY Assistant Principal for Senior High School, Mel Obedoza, their robotics program provides the proper foundation to allow students to get jobs right away or pursue higher studies in robotics science.

  • Audio Production

Another iACADEMY track for senior high is Audio Production. This is a field that is crucial for TV, video, movies, and even extended reality and augmented reality. There’s even such a thing as 3-D sound.

People communicate and learn better with video and augmented reality, and even through animation. None of that are possible without audio production.


Ms. Des Feliciano, Creative Team Head in Leo Burnett and Blackpencil Manila


New Programs in School of Design

iAcademy Student Application

Student Applicants @ iAcademy


Psychology Program

  • Graphic Illustration

Today, the word “artist” really means something beyond the traditional arts of drawing, sketching, painting, and sculpture.

“Early on we already train our students in digital art. They start with drawing classes, but we take them to the next level which is digital illustration, 2D methodology, and 3D methodology. They need that if they want to pursue using technology to create art,” said Obedoza.

Graduates of this track have potential careers as animators, comic artists, illustrators; graphic designers, branding artists, marketing professionals; motion graphics creators, and producers of e-learning materials.

  • App Development

iACADEMY is already looking at the future of mobile app development, to help students build careers on it.  Soon, devices in our offices and homes will be linked in the internet of things. For example, we’ll control our refrigerator, air-conditioner, TV and home computer using a smart device: phone, glasses, wristwatch, etc.

“We’re not just looking at mobile app development right now. We’re looking at what it will be in the future. We’re looking at smart devices, wearable technology, and the internet of things. All these trending technologies including AI and robotics as well,” said Obedoza.

The program was followed by a brief tour in the iAcademy campus with the media.

iAcademy Nexus Campus Tour

iAcademy Nexus is actually a new building of iAcademy, also in Buendia-Makati, nearby the first location.

We visited their Library, Computer rooms, Apple MAC rooms, the Green Room, Sound Room, and more.

iAcademy Library

The iAcademy Library

Tracing Room

Tracing Room

Apple MAC Room

The Apple MAC Room

Computer Room

Computer Rooms @ iAcademy


Inside iAcademy

The iACADEMY campus is at 7434 Yakal St., Brgy. San Antonio, Makati City. Know more about iAcademy by
calling (+632) 889 5555, or send a message at inquire@iacademy.edu.ph.

iAcademy Classroom

iAcademy Classroom

Transgender CR

Transgender Comfort Rooms / Toilet

Fashion Room

Fashion Room

Sewing Room

The Sewing Room

Green Room

Green Room & Sound Room

iAcademy Nexus

iAcademy Nexus in Makati Coty

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Congratulations to iAcademy Nexus on these interesting new programs that will help address the current industry mismatch between the graduates of academic institutions in the Philippines and the actual needs of the industry.

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