Facebook Status Message Length Gets a Boost

Do you still remember the day when you can only type 160 characters max in your

Blogger Manila @ 1

Thank you to all Blogger Manila friends and supporters who came at the advance celebration of 

Context is Key in a Social Media Campaign

With Facebook hitting 1 billion users in a year or two and the Philippines ranking high

Blogger Manila 1st Anniversary Gathering Set

A year have passed almost as quick as you can post a status in your social

It’s a Binary Day!

A binary number system is mainly composed of zeroes (0) and ones (1). And today, being

Blogger Manila in Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs for 2011

Having been recognized in the past two years for my Philippine travel blog in 2009 and

Is Your Blog Influential?

For the fourth year in a row, I am participating in the Emerging Influential Blogs writing

The 2011 Official Blogger Apprentices

After the two-month search of Blogger Manila‘s pioneering program in the Philippine blogosphere, the “Search for

Blogger Apprentice Magic 6 Named

Blogger Apprentice Magic 6 Called as the “Magic 6,” the top 6 contenders of Blogger Manila‘s

Brand Building Basics Seminar

My first effort in bringing an identity to my blogging activity was when I decided to