Blogger Apprentice Challenge #1: Moderne Culinaire Academy Launch

A few weeks after the announcement of the Blogger Apprentice Contenders’ List, the contenders immediately got

Blogger Apprentice 2012 Contenders’ List

After a month of search and open online registration that we have broadcasted over a number

Search for the Blogger Apprentice 2012

With the success of last year’s “Blogger Apprentice” program, BloggerManila.com’s “Search for the Blogger Apprentice 2012”

Flippish.com: Now Streaming & The Launch Party

Flippish.com: Now Streaming was a party overflowing with online celebrities, bloggers, music, booze, dancing, and no

Food Blogging Seminar in UP Diliman Today

Seminars I conduct are usually about general concepts on blogging and social media for beginners. But

New Year Meets Flippish.com Epic Launch Party

Happy New 2012! After three weeks of holiday hiatus, we’re back with a bang! We’re welcoming

A Merry Social Media Christmas to All!

Dear readers and Blogger Manila Club members, I would just like to greet you all a

Facebook Timeline: An Online Autobiography

The buzz on Facebook Timeline has been around for quite a while, but it is only

Facebook Status Message Length Gets a Boost

Do you still remember the day when you can only type 160 characters max in your

Blogger Manila @ 1

Thank you to all Blogger Manila friends and supporters who came at the advance celebration of