Assembling My First Hanns Storage Rack

Having a “home-office” sounds like an ideal setup many would want for a job. Aside from avoiding the daily metro traffic, you are close to your family.

But it also has its drawbacks. Your work is literally beside you – even when you’re HOME! :) I hate to admit it, but my home-office is a mess.

Kidding aside, since I started my own social media marketing agency called DigitalCircles, paper works, client documents, gadgets, and brand products are literally all over my office.

And a good portion of it has found its way out of my office room into the household area; to the dismay of my wife. :)

Hanns Storage Rack

Hanns Storage Rack with Box

Hanns Storage Rack

Hanns Storage Rack

One particular area is the end of our staircase at the turn before the kitchen (see last photo). I’ve been buying a number of storage solutions from online e-commerce sites. Then there’s the 5-level Hanns Storage Rack given by a friend. He certainly knows my needs. :)

Assembling My Hanns Storage Rack

Over the weekend leading to May 1, Labor Day, I found myself assembling my first Hanns Storage Rack for that area by the staircase that’s been longing for some make-over.

What a fitting activity to celebrate the essence of the holiday. :)

Hanns Storage Rack

Complete Set of Hanns Storage Rack

Hanns Storage Rack

Unboxing Hanns Storage Rack

Storage Rack

Rivets and screw


Initial Assembly

Rack Assembly

Corrected Rack Level: Moved the lowest rack lower for more stability

We’ve had other storage racks at home, but I found Hanns Storgae Rack lighter and easier to assemble compared to the heavy metal industrial-grade metal racks.

It sure is not comparable to its toughness, but Hannssmart size is just right for household use. It’s small in size but it can store a lot. It’s not heavy to lift or move either.

Nonetheless, it is heavy-duty as it’s made of steel enabling it to support even heavy items or appliances at home such as microwave ovens. In my case, a gamut of heavy gadgets and client products.

Made of Steel

Durability: Made of Steel

Hanns Rack

Clip-On Levelers

Storage Rack Assembly

FINISHED: Blogger Manila Labor Day Activity: Storage Rack Assembly

Steel Frames

Steel Frames and Joints

Steel Rack

Top Rack above 5 feet

Moreover, it is stylish without looking fancy with its dark Mahogany brown powder coated color.

Furthermore, while I was assembling it, I changed my mind mid-way, adding a lower level (nearer the floor) rack. It’s good that Hanns Storage Rack is adjustable with easy to install clip-on levelers.

Before and After Look

Here is the before-and-after look with my new and ergonomic Hanns Storage Rack!


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