HELO LX Wellness Band: Health & Technology on Your Wrist

Smart watches and similar technologies has started to become a household term now that wearable technologies are being adopted by more and more people. Among the most popular are the Apple Watch, Samsung Gear series, and Fitbit which comes in different models.

HELO LX: Wellness Meets Technology

But experts are saying that the future of wearable technology is actually in the field of health and wellness. We’re starting to see an increasing number of applications and mobile apps that cater to health monitoring and measurement.

HELO LX Wellness Band

The HELO LX Wellness Band

Collectively, Wor(l)d Global Network calls this “Life-Sensing Technology“.

Encapsulating the concept of Wor(l)d in a product is their HELO LX line of wellness band products. To begin with, it’s not a “smart watch“, it’s a smartband! You may also refer to it as a wellness band.

Unlike ordinary wristbands, HELO is not limited to monitoring and reporting physical data. It also has active sensors recording other data and information including the following:

  • Mood Sensor (Emotions)
  • Fatigue
  • Sleep Quality
  • Steps / Calories
  • Exercise
  • Blood Pressure
  • Breath Rate
  • Heart Rate
  • ECG / EKG (Electrocardiogram)
  • Guardian System
  • Remote Monitoring via HELO Mobile Application
  • SOS Function
  • Add-on Germanium Stones

The HELO LX Box Set


Interestingly, the HELO LX does not tell time and intentionally has no display monitor (you use your HELO Smartphone Application for that)

It even has built-in GPS with a panic button if you are in trouble. Plus, new features, like noninvasive blood sugar monitoring, has been launched in the recent CES 2018 in Las Vegas and will be available in the Philippines 4-5 months from now through the Helo App Store.

HELO LX Wellness Band

Also called a “Lifestyle Oracle“, the Helo LX was launched one and a half years ago. To mark this milestone, World Technology Corp. reinforces the investments on Helo platform, remarking that Helo LX is the pivot of the whole lineup.

Here’s a quick Helo Smartband Specs:

  • Battery: 120 mAh Lithium
  • Sampling Frequency: 125 Hz
  • Size: 2.5 x 4 x 1.2 cm
  • Weight: 103 gr
  • Click here for more including technology of biosensors
HELO LX Smartband

Close Up: HELO LX Smartband

For Yourself or For Your Loved Ones

Going beyond personal use, you can also have the smartband be worn by “senior” members of the family while you monitor their health and “body readings” through the HELO mobile application.

This can be a very effective tool when we want them monitored and safe from anything harmful at all times.

Germanium Stones

The Box Set comes with 3 Germanium Stones that can debatably work miracles in terms of wellness

Flexible Developments

Helo LX will be the main access to life-sensing technologies with its high-level technology and range of service offered through a complete and detailed reading of PPG. Sophisticated algorithms developed with Machine Learning Technology and addressed by Artificial intelligence make Helo LX an amazing device to learn about your body signals and wellness.

For the more tech savvy, you would be interested to find out that the HELO LX line of products adopts the Open API protocol which basically means that any developer can access the device and develop a new app for any purpose.

The Helo Developers Portal is already receiving requests for developing apps with new features and new measurements. With renovated services and new models that offer more medical measurements, we can expect more from HELO LX 2018 onwards.

HELO LX wrist band

The back part of the HELO LX wrist band

Where Can HELO LX Be Bought in the Philippines? (Business Opportunity)

For the business minded, the HELO LX Wellness Band is not retailed ordinarily like most tech products that you can find in retails stores.

Managed by World Global Network, the HELO LX Wellness Band product line is retailed only through a direct selling business model. Wor(l)d Global Network Company is recognized as a leading player in the drive towards a more economically stable and socially connected world.

Moreover, you yourself can be part of this business opportunity and become a wellness ambassador by registering in this website link: https://website.worldgn.com/products/helo/helo-lx-start/

Helo LX Bands

The 5-Pack HELO LX Bands


Aside from HELO LX, the other models include the HELO LX Plus and the upcoming HELO LX Pro (both not in photo)

In the Philippines, the HELO LX Smartband has a uniform retails price of Php 19,500++ which may fluctuate a bit from time to time depending on the industry US$ exchange rate.

Interested Buyers of HELO LX, HELO LX+, and the upcoming HELO LX Pro in the Philippines may contact the retailer below:

Ms. Jacqueline Joy Chua
Mobile: 09177928858
Website: HealthWarrior.WorldGN.com


HELO LX on Wrist

HELO LX Philippine Price

The HELO LX Smart Band retails for Php 19,500++ in the Philippines

HELO LX and HELO LX+ bought through the direct seller team of Jacqueline Joy Chua have a 1-year warranty.

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Say hello to HELO LX wellness band! In addition to it’s health and technology features, would you also agree that it’s stylish, right?! The default out-of-the-box wristband color is black. But it comes with a 5-pack HELO LX Bands, interchangeable replacement in the colors of dark blue, light blue, purple, dark red (maroon), and dark violet.

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