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While rules do exist, some say that style has no boundaries. You cannot put it in a box and with a chain of limitations; it’s just wouldn’t work! For Moodboard Manila design agency, style has “no rules“.

This is what excited Blogger Manila upon receiving the invitation from moodboardManila. It was for an afternoon of “Interiors & Lifestyle” with design and style icon Cat Arambulo, last week.

MoodBoard Manila

Interiors & Personal Style

Interiors & Lifestyle

The afternoon style talk over good food was all about infusing ‘space‘ with elements that speak to who you are and how to deal with the intricacies of designing for clients and aligning it with the owner’s lifestyle and personal taste.

When you talk about your space, it’s all about you. It’s about your personality,” she began.

Held at La Creperie in BGC, Taguig City, Cat presented how an individual’s preference over fashion, colors, patterns, and elements bled into the aesthetics of his or her interior design.

Cat Arambulo

Cat Arambulo on “Interiors & Lifestyle

Trends in Fashion & Design

As for trends, Cat mentioned Copper/Rose Gold. Green, and Marble are set to make waves in the design landscape this year.

Marble is always in, and so is mixing and matching textures, like corduroy mixed with leather. You can even do five different textures in one color. Put in something silky, something leathery, suede, something fluffy. It creates more drama and character that way,” says Cat.

This is not my first time to listen to Cat. So somehow, I know her as someone who loves classics but at the same time, modern. She’s a balance of both with a stylish edge and a hint of eccentricity for impact.

MoodBoard Manila

Cat Arambulo x  moodboardMANILA: Infusing your space with elements that speak to who you are.

Kristel Poyaoan

moodboardMANILA’s Kristel Poyaoan led a design-related activity for the attendees.

Marrying The Right Design with Client’s Taste

As part of the program, moodboardMANILA’s in-house interior designer Kristel Poyaoan treated the guests to a fun activity that determines the design style that works for them.

When asked about what it takes to come up with their unique designs, Kristel shared that familiarity with the client’s character is crucial.

You need to, at least, have a sense of what appeals to them, what they respond to, and why. Rules & trends can inspire but at the end of the day your space is supposed to be a unique reflection of who you are,” she explained.

For moodboardMANILA, no rules refer to a space where you don’t get boxed in on your desire to be diverse. It means crafting designs that exude a certain harmony that flows around the pieces curated to enliven your space and nurture your wellbeing.

MoodBoardManila Rates

Through a series of multiple-choice questions, Cat was able to help guests determine if their design taste was Modern minimalist, Industrial, Scandinavian, Pop art, Bohemian, Vintage, or Eclectic.

Cat Arambulo

Ms. Cat Arambulo (center) gave attendees tips on designing space according to one’s character. “Your color palette, for example, can pretty much reflect the way you are when you dress up,” she explained. With Woman In Digital Marjorie Uy (left) and Blogger Manila Jonel Uy (right)

It’s making an extraordinary impression that generates a ripple of inspiration among the people around you. At the end of the day, different styles work for different people.

It is our job, as designers, to give clients something different, unique and expressive of their very essence, their hopes, wishes, and dreams. It is our job to give them something that requires No Rules, Just Style,” Kristel said.

Jovy Rabelas

Here are Cat, Kristel & Team captured with moodboardMANILA’s CEO Jovy Rabelas


moodboardMANILA is a design agency that offers expert space consultancy services, offered special guests a preview of how the character & lifestyle of the person plays into the overall design of his space

Expert Design Services

So if you’re at a lost in the design world or simply overwhelmed and cannot decide with your own ideas, you might want to consult the experts!

moodboardMANILA is a design agency that offers expert space consultancy services with emphasis on the character & lifestyle of the person taking into consideration the overall design of his space.

Space Consultant: Kristel Poyaoan + Team
Contact: 09177726273
Email : inquiry@moodboardmanila.ph
Website: MoodBoard.ph
Facebook / Instagram / Twitter: @MoodBoardManila

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Inspired, Blogger Manila at a Coffee Shop

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I myself was inspired by the insights shared by Cat Arambulo and MoodBoard Manila so I got some still shots (above) after the style talk. What do you think about it? :)

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