Pilipinas Starbucks Card 2.0 & More!

From last year’s iconic eagle on the first-ever exclusive Philippine Starbucks Card, the second edition of the Pilipinas Starbucks Card draws from the different colors and elements of festivals in the Philippines whole year round.

Philippine Starbucks Card

2nd Edition of Exclusive Philippine Starbucks Card

Released last July 28, 2015, the 2nd Edition Philippine Starbucks Card celebrates the Starbucks Card‘s 2nd anniversary in the country and is sold exclusively in the Philippines.

New Core Starbucks Cards

The core cards got a new look as well with the Coffeehouse Favorites Card, Neighborhood Card, and the new Thank You card.

Coffeehouse Favorites Card

Capturing what the Starbucks coffeehouse is all about, this new coffeehouse card gives an inviting and vibrant feel.

CoffeeHouse Favorties Starbucks Card

CoffeeHouse Favorties Starbucks Card

Neighborhood Card

This new core card best exudes what the Starbucks Experience is all about, we’re a neighborhood gathering place, a part of the daily routine – and we couldn’t be happier about it.

Neighborhood Starbucks Card

Neighborhood Starbucks Card

Thank You Card

This is the second Thank You Starbucks Card made available in the Philippines. It’s now plays on a splash of colors.

Thank You Starbucks Card

Thank You Starbucks Card

All four (4) new Starbucks Cards are available for an initial load amount of Php 300 (US$7.2).

Philippine Starbucks Card Promotions

Activation Promo

  • From July 28 to 30, 2015, customers who will activate the 2nd Edition Philippine
  • Starbucks Card with at least ₱ 1000 will receive a complimentary Grande handcrafted beverage.
  • This promo applies to newly activated 2nd Edition Philippine Starbucks Card and not
  • reloaded Starbucks Cards or other Starbucks Card designs.
  • Customers cannot use a Starbucks Card or Gift Certificate to activate a Starbucks Card.
  • There is no limit to the number of Philippine Starbucks Cards a customer can activate.
  • Complimentary beverage must be redeemed on the same day and time the 2nd Edition Philippine Starbucks Card has been activated.
  • Offer cannot be exchanged for cash or combined with other promotions.

Tumbler Promo

  • From July 31 to August 31, 2015 customers who will purchase the 2nd Edition Philippine Starbucks Card Tumbler using a 2nd Edition Pilipinas Starbucks Card will receive a complimentary Tall handcrafted beverage.
  • Free Tall handcrafted beverage must be redeemed on the date, time and point of purchase only.
  • Offer cannot be exchanged for cash or combined with other promotions. Offer is only valid for the 2nd edition Philippine Starbucks Card.
Pilipinas Starbucks Card

Pilipinas Starbucks Card

My Starbucks Rewards Registration Promo

  • Promo will run from August 1 to 15, 2015.
  • Customers who will successfully register to a Starbucks Account within the promo period will automatically receive one (1) bonus Beverage Star, Whole Bean Star and Starbucks VIA® Star.
  • Promo will not apply to customers who add multiple Starbucks Cards into an existing Starbucks Account.
  • Bonus Stars will be given on top of the complimentary Grande handcrafted beverage upon successful registration.
  • Offer cannot be exchanged for cash or combined with other promotions.
  • Offer is only valid for Starbucks Cards issued in the Philippines.

2nd Anniversary Promo

  • Customers can enjoy a Buy One, Get One offer on an Iced Americano, Iced Latte, Iced Mocha, Iced White Mocha or Iced Caramel Macchiato when they pay using the Starbucks Card on August 6, 2015.
  • Purchased and free beverage must be of the same variant.
  • Offer is limited to one (1) purchased beverage per transaction.
  • One (1) Beverage Star will be earned for the purchased beverage.
  • In the purchase of goods and services which are on promotional discount, the senior citizen or handicapped individuals can avail of the promotional discount or their senior citizen or handicapped discount (whichever is higher).
  • Offer cannot be exchanged for cash or combined with other promotions.
  • Offer is only valid for Starbucks Cards issued in the Philippines.

Woah! That’s a whole bunch of Starbucks Card promos! Awesome designs and great promotions, what more can one ask for!

Starbucks Cards 2015

New Starbucks Cards 2015

Here’s a list of more promotions from My Starbucsk Rewards!

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Have you got your 4 new Starbucks Cards including the exclusive 2nd edition Pilipinas Starbucks Card? Share with us your thoughts and feedback at the comment section below!

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