Expecting Moms’ Hospital Bag Checklist + Where to Find Them

After months of eager anticipation, the moment has finally arrived!

Pregnancy is an extraordinary journey, and as mamas approach the final stretch, it’s crucial to ensure you are well-prepared for the big day. edamama, a trusted partner in parenting, is excited to introduce the Ultimate Hospital Bag Checklist.

Preparing for your hospital stay is a vital aspect of getting ready for the little one’s arrival. To simplify this process, we’ve developed a straightforward and comprehensive checklist, covering everything the family unit would need. Our goal is to provide an insightful guide, carefully crafted to ease any concerns and infuse a sense of excitement as you embark on this new journey.


Moms’ Hospital Bag Checklist

Best Time to Prepare Mama’s Hospital Bag

Since every pregnancy is unique, we recommend preparing your hospital bag as early as 30 weeks, but no later than 38 weeks. Having a bag ready ensures everyone is well-equipped and can focus on the joyous moment of welcoming a newborn into the world.

Hospital Bag Checklist for Mama

  • Birth plan: Keep it easily accessible and ready for discussion
  • Comfortable clothes: Robes, pajamas, slippers and socks are a must. Pro tip: carry a sweater as it can get cold inside hospitals!
  • Postpartum binder: a must-have for recovery comfort!
  • Toiletries: Essentials like toothbrush, skincare, lip balm, hairbrush, hand sanitizer, mouthwash, makeup remover, facial wipes and deodorant. If you have a favorite soap and shampoo/conditioner, carry them along if you opt to take a shower post delivery.
  • Nipple cream and breast pads: For comfort and protection as you establish your milk supply.
  • Nursing bras: Convenient and comfortable for your changing breasts
  • Nursing pillow: Check with your hospital if this is provided! If not, carrying your own can help maximize yours and baby’s comfort
  • Nursing Cover: Handy especially given the frequency of visitors in your room.
  • Adult diapers and postpartum absorbent underwear: For support and comfort
  • Snacks and water bottle: To recharge your energy after giving birth, for those in between meals hunger pangs and to ensure you stay hydrated
  • Breast pump: If you want to get a headstart on pumping and/ or to get guidance on usage with a lactation consultant
  • Going-home clothes: Choose clothing that is loose, comfortable and breastfeeding friendly. And don’t forget to bring slip-on flat shoes for ease.
  • Gadget charger: keep it handy so you never miss a precious moment with the little one!

Hospital Bag Checklist for Baby

  • Pedia’s contact info: Keep essential contact details to reach the baby’s pediatrician and your chosen lactation specialist (check with your hospital)
  • Hospital outfits and going home clothes: Onesies, blankets, beanies, mittens and booties. Pro tip: we recommend full length zipper onesies for maximum ease in changing baby’s outfits routinely
  • Swaddles, muslins and sleep sacks: To maximize baby’s comfort
  • Baby toiletries and diapers: Cleansing gels, wipes and newborn diapers.
  • Car seat: Reliable and trusted gear for going home.

Hospital Bag Checklist for the Partner

  • Hospital paperwork, IDs and insurance documents (if applicable). To save time and ensure a smooth check in and check out process
  • Sleeping gear and pillow: Ensure comfort during limited-space sleeping arrangements.
  • Extra clothes: Including a sweater in case of cooler temperatures indoors
  • Cash: To keep on hand for any unforeseen expenses.
  • Gadgets: Camera, tripod, phone charger
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