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A Better Version of Ourselves

We want to be better at work to level-up our career, we work harder to earn

Of Beggars and Politicians: A Response to Cong. Lani Mercado-Revilla’s Statement

In a recent blog published by Fashion Pulis, it revealed a  controversial statement by Congresswoman Lani

Social Media on SM Megamall Robbery Incident

I was working online at home while the SM Megamall robbery incident happened earlier tonight, January

A Sad Day for Internet Freedom in the Philippines

When Tim Berners Lee shared the Internet to the world, the World Wide Web was born.

Social Networking Etiquette According to Word of the Lourd

With the  young age of social media in the Philippines, and the number of people joining

Blog & Soul Hosts “Earning from your Blog”

Blog & Soul is hosting an “Earning from Your Blog” talk/seminar on Saturday, April 30, 2011,

Learnings from the Big Bad Blogger Issue

When the issues about the Big Bad Blogger, The (Bad) Firm, and the Tale of Georgia

Sending Blogger Event Invitations

With increasing recognition of bloggers as part of new media, brands and event organizers are exploring