Learnings from the Big Bad Blogger Issue

Big Bad Blogger Issue

Big Bad Blogger Issue

When the issues about the Big Bad Blogger, The (Bad) Firm, and the Tale of Georgia surfaced about two weeks ago, it shook the blogosphere as amplified by the nature of social media.

Initial reactions include shock and disgust over the revelation of extortion. Some agreed with article writer  Margaux Salcedo, some criticized by parts, and a number questioned the writer’s intentions as well.

It gained a ripple effect however, when most found the story wanting of the characters’ proper identification which led to a witch hunt. At this point, it went haywire as names were dropped and fingers pointed, while baseless and highly opinionated; sadly lacking substance and without proof.

Here are some reactions regarding the Big Bad Blogger issue whose different views I found worth pondering upon:

On the other hand, the article had its merit. Basically a blind item that can be dismissed as a rumor and possibly be a simple product of imagination, it is a possible scenario nonetheless. Worse, it can be repeated.

And for its weaknesses, the greatest of which is that it failed to present a balanced view by getting the other side of the story.

Yesterday, the writer published a follow-up response in the same Showbiz/Entertainment section of Inquirer online magazine. Most of the reactions found the article still wanting and on the defensive.

Here are some ‘realization’ posts:

One thing’s for certain – the revelation has now cast a large hazy cloak on the blogosphere in general. And until that dark cloak is removed, the innocent ones are included in the watchful eyes of the wary.

It is done. Looking forward, I would like to encourage fellow bloggers to take it more as a challenge in striving to better our craft. Instead of letting the Big Bad Blogger issue put us down, let it be our driving force to work harder and Become a Better Blogosphere.

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