Painting the Town RED!

Aside from love, red hues also symbolize power, blessings, and fiery passion. This is what HSBC had in mind for their new and enhanced HSBC Red Mastercard.

In a recent relaunch of the HSBC Red Mastercard held at Tomatito Restaurant in Bonifacio Global City in Taguig, executives from HSBC, guest partners including Philippine Airlines (PAL), Singapore Airlines, and Cathay Pacific, and members of lifestyle media, gathered to “paint the town red“.

HSBC Red Mastercard

Painting the Town RED!

New and Enhanced HSBC Red Mastercard

Coming from a Filipino-Chinese family, wearing red is a requirement in birthdays and major celebrations as the color represents luck and prosperity.

In the same way, HSBC brings all of the color red’s excitement and desirability into one convenient card that makes doing everything and going everywhere more rewarding, from splurging on exhilarating vacations to purchasing simple everyday essentials. It’s the one HSBC card you need to boost your hip, young lifestyle.

The aforementioned credit card caters to everyone’s passions and lifestyles with its strengthened rewards program that’s full of high-value benefits both here and abroad, including air miles redemption, making it “the one card for home and away.”

Kris Werner

Mr. Kris Werner, HSBC Head of Retail Banking and Wealth Management

Judith Dayrit

Ms. Judith Dayrit, Mastercard Vice President

Moreover, it boasts of exclusive perks and privileges that meet cardholders’ wants and needs. Now, with an exciting reinvention, the card’s robust rewards proposition is made even better to empower everyone’s lifestyles with every use as the ‘red card’ is not only for women, but now for men as well.

We understand that, in general, people want the same things. We all have a shared passion for exploring the world, for wanting things that are central to our daily lives, and for trying new tastes and flavors. We created the new and enhanced Red Mastercard because we want to provide our customers with a card that not only matches their lifestyle, but also drives it to another level with better benefits and more satisfying rewards,” says Head of Retail Banking and Wealth Management Kris Werner.

HSBC’s partner, Mastercard shares in the excitement for the reinvention of the Red card. “The new HSBC Red Mastercard is the key to accessing offers and benefits that our cardholders are looking for,” says Mastercard Vice President Judith Dayrit.

Travel, Dine, & Shop in Red

The exclusive rewards are fit for traveling, shopping, dining and all the other things that matter in your lifestyle, letting you paint the town, the world rather, Red.

Red Mastercard

Red Mastercard for Dining Discounts

HSBC Red Mastercard

Red Mastercard for Shopping Sprees!

With travel becoming a top priority for Filipinos, especially for millennials, Red Mastercard made sure to boost this particular point for cardholders with four times (4x) the bonus points which you can use to redeem air miles from partners, Cathay Pacific Asia Miles, PAL Mabuhay Miles and Singapore Krisflyer.

Now, even just applying for an HSBC Red Mastercard gives you the opportunity to fly for free. Upon reaching a minimum spend of Php 5,000 using your new HSBC Red Mastercard, a special promo which runs until September 22, 2017 gives you a free flight to a local destination via Philippine Airlines.

HSBC Credit Card

Red Mastercard for Travel (& Taste the World)

Mabuhay Miles

Now with 4x the Bonus Points redeemable for Air Miles from partners, Cathay Pacific Asia Miles, PAL Mabuhay Miles and Singapore Krisflyer

Of course, shopping for your favorite brands, top labels, and everyday essentials, as well as educating your palate by exploring a wide variety of cuisines, is made more fulfilling because of great discounts and offers from partner establishments – both here in the Philippines, and abroad.

Cardholders can expect more bonus points, and more perks for less spend. Whether booking vacations and shopping for the latest trends overseas or simply buying groceries and gassing up the car, the HSBC Red Mastercard makes your life more rewarding.

Know more about HSBC Red Mastercard on their website for more details


Host Sam YG & Partner

HSBC Philippines

HSBC Philippines Team at the Red Mastercard Relaunch

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I had my first HSBC Credit Card in 2005. I still remember how secure they are as the card came with a special electronic ‘keychain’ which generates a PIN every time you login on their website. And just last year, I got my HSBC Platinum Card. This certainly makes me want to paint the world red and get the new and enhanced HSBC Red Mastercard!

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