5th Gen Inks Partnership with T&J Salon

The T&J Salon Professional family is indeed growing! Having started for a few years now growing its roster of hairstylists and branches in the Philippines, they are now adding brand ambassadors who share their values in the field of entertainment with no other than one of the newest singing group 5th Gen!

The 5 of 5th Gen

5th Gen is a Filipino pop singing group composed of talented singers and performers namely Marielle Mamaclay, Lady OnnaganReymond Sajor, RJ Buenagua and Rhap Salazar!

5th Gen

5th Gen” Talented Singing Group

Rhap Salazar is the singing sensation who won as the World Champion in the international talent competition called World Championships of Performing Arts (WCOPA).  They group is managed by Charie Vega under the Vega Entertainment Productions.

5th Gen Inks Partneship with T&J Salon

The contract signing of 5th Gen with T&J Salon was held last week at the Bangs Beauty Academy in Manila City where T&J Salon’s hairstylists undergo training for Korean hairstyles.

Aside from the complete 5th Gen group, executives of T&J Salon were also present, including Mr. Sky Park, President of Bangs Prime Salon, Mr. Seven Lee (Sungbo Lee), Head Stylist of T&J Salon, and Mr. Jay of T&J Salon.

As part of the program , 5th Gen also performed a live rendition of “Let This Be Our Prayer“.

T&J Salon

T & J Salon with 5th Gen Contract Signing

Video to be uploaded in a while. . . 

Bangs Beauty Academy

At the Bangs Beauty Academy

Korean-Style Hand Shake

Korean-Style Hand Shake

In behalf of T&J Salon, Mr. Park expressed his enthusiasm in the prospect of working with 5th Gen and their planned collaborations in the near future moving forward.

A pitch of having the group do a cover of a Korean song, K-Pop style, was also requested from the audience. 5th Gen entertained the suggestion and hopes to do one in the near future.

5th Gen currently have their first single entitled Contagious out in digital music stores such as iTunes smarrturl.it/Contagious. They are also working on their second single that will be released soon.

Currently, 5th Gen is preparing for a big show that they’re planning to hold by the end of June 2017.

Sky Park

5th Gen with Mr. Sky Park and Mr. Seven Lee

5Th Gen
Email: [email protected]
Website: http://www.5thGenOfficial.com

T&J Salon Pro by Tony and Jackey Beauty Salon Corp.
Telephone: Call 526 1965 or 526 1966
Email: [email protected]
Website: http://www.tandjsalon.com

T&J Salon Pro

5th Gen with their T&J Salon Pro Cards

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Congratulations to T&J Salon Pro and 5th Gen on this collaboration endorsement!

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