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A Sad Day for Internet Freedom in the Philippines

When Tim Berners Lee shared the Internet to the world, the World Wide Web was born.

iBlog 7 : Philippine Blogging Summit This Weekend!

Philippine bloggers will converge this weekend for the annual blogging summit called ‘iBlog‘ where they share

Edsa Revolution 1986 Revisited Digitally

Many things has been said about the 1986 Edsa Revolution. I’ll contribute in another way. And

Learnings from the Big Bad Blogger Issue

When the issues about the Big Bad Blogger, The (Bad) Firm, and the Tale of Georgia

Blogger Manila on 2011

I have to admit, it was a slow and relatively quiet cruise for Blogger Manila having

NTC Should Not Limit Daily Broadband Volume of Data

Local ICT regulatory agency National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) has announced that it’ll allow service providers to