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Creativity, through expression in various forms, can be done in many different ways – from creating DIY cards, to decorating your office desks, to an ambiguous visual abstract art. The goal is to make something one-of-a-kind that reflects one’s personality, desire, or emotion.

It’s great to get in touch with one’s artistic side, whether it is driven by passion or the desire to just have something nice. Luckily, there are new shops slash havens that have something for everyone with a creative soul, from the self-taught to the professional artists.

Ever since I was a kid, the first thing that comes to mind and the go-to place for getting the art materials, color pencils, and the likes, conveniently, is definitely National Book Store. It has that nostalgic sound to the very traditional name for a book store.

Art Materials

Need Art Materials?

But with the passing of time, comes change. Changes in trends, changes in the way we do things, and changes in technology. I believe the keyword is ‘adoptability’. And National Book Store will not be found lacking as they the expansion of their specialty shops. Get ready to explore these new specialty shops from National Book Store, the Philippines’ biggest bookstore and supplies chain.

The Art Bar

Art Bar is heaven for all artists – from the hobbyists to the accomplished. The store offers all the possible art materials that you can imagine, from a wide range of brushes, high-quality pencils, paints, canvases, to art books and various tools for artists. Beyond the supplies stash, Art Bar also hosts workshops and product trials in-store to give customers an interactive creative experience.

Art Bar

The Art Bar

Art Bar

The Art Bar by National Book Store

Art Supplies

Art Supplies

NBS Selections

Premium Art Brands via NBS Selections

If you still need another reason to check out Art Bar, know that it carries exclusive global brands that artistic types know and covet like Caran d’Ache, Sennelier, Pan Pastel, Touch and Fredrix. In addition, you can find the complete line of artist-staple brands Winsor & Newton, Sakura, Pebeo, Zig, Liquitex, to name a few.

Art Bar is located in Serendra, Taguig City. Follow Art Bar on Facebook and Instagram @artbarph.

The Work Station

If you’re looking for help in setting up an office for your startup company or just wanting to elevate your workspace, Work Station will give you what you need at the budget you want. It has a wide selection of supplies, desk and office accessories, office furniture, gadgets, and business machines that will let you create a dynamic office lifestyle and enhance your productivity.

Work Station

The Work Station

Work Station

Blogger Manila @ Work Station

Office Supplies

Office Supplies @ The Work Station

When you walk into Work Station, a store product expert will be on stand-by to help you create the work environment that would best match your needs and deliver optimum results.

If you’re not looking for a major overhaul, you can just get what you need to make your work life easier – electronic gadgets, desks, chairs, printers and storage boxes – down to the basics like organizers, clips, papers and labeling accessories. You can choose all of these from Work Station’s wide selection of brands and broad price range offering.

Work Station is located at BGC Stopover, Taguig City. Follow Work Station on Facebook and Instagram

It’s Noteworthy

If you go crazy over pens and stationery or are looking for unique and thoughtful gifts, then Noteworthy is the place for you! This store offers a great and unique selection of writing materials that will surely get your creative juices flowing. From notebooks and journals for every personality to note cards and gift wrappers for every occasion, you’ll find the exact paper product you need here. Pair that up with Noteworthy’s extensive line of pens from premium collector pens to professional grade calligraphy pens to everyday ballpoint pens.


It’s Noteworthy

Noteworthy National Book Sotre

“You Are Amazing” Calligraphy by Noteworthy

Digital Circles

“Digital Circles” Calligraphy by Noteworthy

Noteworthy offers the most-loved pen and stationery brands worldwide, including Tokyo’s Itoya, Caran d’ Ache, Sheaffer, Filofax, kate spade, and many more. It also carries travel brands like Smart Fit and Lapoche that make travel convenient.

Perhaps the best thing about Noteworthy for stationery lovers is their Paper Bar. It lets you customize your notebooks by choosing the paper color, size and thickness. You can even take your personalization obsession to the next level by getting personalized stamps and even pens.

Noteworthy is located at Greenbelt 5, Makati City. Follow Noteworthy on Facebook and Instagram @noteworthy.mnl.

National Book Store

Be it school, office, or art supplies, National Book Store is the answer!

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So which National Book Store specialty store are you visiting first – Art Bar, Work Station, or Noteworthy?

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