How I Got My Shoe Cleaned, the Millennial Way!

Laundry has been a household problem for the longest time – from the time of our lolos and lolas (grandparents) in the provinces upto our generation today, in the cities. They just take so much effort and time as independent millennials and Gen Z-ers!

Well, the former has been taken cared of by modern washing machines. But still, it takes so much time as we have to manually sort and put our laundry in the washers, put in detergent, and fabric softeners – the works!

With our continuously fast-paced lifestyle and urban concerns, we’d rather catch up on sleep, finish on demanding work for our career, travel with friends on weekends, or simply relax! We have a lot of other things to do and doing the laundry should be the last of our concerns.


Laundry Service? SWOSH It!

SHOSH Laundry

More than just laundry, SWOSH! offers other services too!

Swosh Is the Answer!

I was recently introduced by a friend to one of the newest, and I should say ‘beneficial‘, mobile application to date – SWOSH!

SWOSH! is a laundry & cleaning app that picks up your laundry, takes it to a laundry shop of your choice, ensures your laundry is given priority in cleanliness & service and then delivers it back to your doorstep – anytime and anywhere with just a few taps on your mobile device!

SWOSH Mobile App

SWOSH! Mobile App

The SWOSH Experience

And so I downloaded the app upon the prodding of my friend to try it for my laundry. Surprisingly, I discovered that they don’t just do laundry. They also offer dry-cleaning services, pet items, and ultra-sonic shoe cleaning (2 levels)!

So instead of outsourcing my laundry job, I tried their shoe cleaning job first since I haven’t cleaned my red Skechers sneakers since I bought them last year! :)

Here are my before and after photos of my Skechers sneakers:


Cleaning Skechers

My Dirty Skechers Sneakers!

How to Use SWOOSH

Dirty Side

Shoe Cleaning

My Sneaker’s Dirty Sole

SWOSH Booking

Enter Your Address and Schedule Your Pick-Up!


Use the SWOSH Map to PIN your Pick-up Point and Select your Laundry Servicer


METROPOLE Laundry (South Triangle)

Cash Payment

Payment via Cash or Credit Card

I should say I’m satisfied with the cleaning as the upper fabric of my Skechers and the side rubber were all rid of dirt.

During the pick-up, I intentionally did not put my shoes in a bag and just gave it to the pick-up guy on hand. I wanted to know how they would handle the situation if the customer doesn’t pack it well.

To my surprise, he was ready with a shoe bag where he put my shoes without question or hesitation. I say that’s good service!

Good Service

When SWODH! Picked-Up my sneakers, I intentionally didn’t pack / put it in plastic.I wanted to see what they will do. And they put in a shoe bag!


SWOSH! Pick-Up Dispatcher on a Motorcycle

Gerald Luzon

Mr. Gerald Luzon, my dispatcher / pick-up / delivery agent

SWOSH Notifications

SWOSH Notifications

Although laundry jobs take only 2 days from pickup to delivery, take note that shoe cleaning can take upto 5 and 7 days, for Stage 1 and Stage 2 Ultrasonic cleaning, respectively. Not bad at all since I have other pairs of shoes and sneakers.


Regular laundry services varies per location and customer choice laundry shop.

But as for my shoe cleaning services and my location, my option presented by the mobile app was with Metropole at P 300 for the shoe cleaning.


Shoe Cleaning

Shoe Cleaned!

SWOSH Cleaners

The WHITES are back! Is SWOSH good or what? :)


Back Side!


Easy-to-Understand SWOSH Order Summary Status


SWOSH Delivery

SWOSH Delivery Notifications

Here’s also the Order Summary and Fees I paid for:

  • Total Laundry Price (for Shoe Cleaning Ultrasonic Stage 1) – P 300
  • Pick-up / Delivery Fee: P50
  • Concieerge Fee: P50
  • TOTAL: P400
SWOSH Promo Codes




Download SWOSH

Download & Install SWOSH

And because I’m a satisfied customer, I’m definitely trying their laundry service next! Stay tuned! :)

If you want to try SWOSH! as well, you may download the mobile app from Google Play or Apple Store with other details below:

SWOSH! Laundry Service Mobile App
Schedule Hours: 6:00 am – 10:00 pm
Email: [email protected]
Instagram: @swosh_ph

SWOSH Delivery

SWOSH Delivers!

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May I add that a few weeks ago, parts of Metro Manila experienced a water crisis. And in this situation, SWOSH can also come to the rescue as they will assign your laundry jobs to areas with water so you can still have your laundry cleaned even in a water crisis!

Hats-off to SWOSH!’s innovative, convenient, and reliable laundry and cleaning services!

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