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Blogger Manila Blog Anniversary

Blogger Manila X2

Two years ago, on October 10, 2010 (10-10-10), was born as the war chest of my social media-related stories & engagements and as a portal to my blogspot-based blogs ending with ‘-Manila’ found at the header-menu of this site.

731 days, 64 posts, 100+ subscribers and 400+ Facebook followers later, we have established the Blogger Manila Club, and we’ve successfully launched the pioneering ‘Search for the Blogger Apprentice‘ with the 2nd year of the Blogger Apprentice program ongoing.

Starbucks Gift Certificates

Starbucks Gift Certificates

And to thank the netizens, bloggers, and the cyber-community, we’re giving away Starbucks Philippines gift certificates for this month-long 2nd Blog Anniversary contest called Blogger Manila X2!

Contest Mechanics 1

Blogger Manila is giving away not 1, but 2 Starbucks Beverage GCs to each winner. We’ll be raffling this off to 2 winners! Just join the rafflecopter-run contest tool below from today 1 to October 31, 2012. Winners will be announced on November 2.
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Contest Mechanics 2

And since it’s our 2nd Anniversary, we’re doubling your chances by doubling the contest!

This will be another raffle all-together so you can actually have two (2) chances of winning! What a way to celebrate a 2nd Anniversary where everything is doubled! :P We’re also raffling-off 2 Starbucks GCs to 2 winners! Just join the rafflecopter-run contest tool below from today to October 31. Winners will be announced on November 2 in the same way and time as contest mechanics 1.
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Blogger Manila X2: 2nd Anniversary Giveaway!

Blogger Manila X2: 2nd Anniversary Giveaway!

* Incidentally, our good friend Starbucks Philippines is in no way connected to this contest so please do not tag the Starbucks Philippines Facebook so as not to flood their timeline/wall as well.

* Although this contest is open to anyone around the world, the free delivery of the GCs will only be for Metro Manila residents. Winners outside of Metro Manila would have to shoulder the prize shipping expense. The GCs will be delivered to the winners on the 2nd week of November.

Celebrate with Blogger Manila X2 this whole month of October where prizes are doubled for double the fun! Join now and keep blogging with us! :)

  1. Marjorie
  2. Francis Falucho
  3. Leo Rances Garcia
  4. judith albius
  5. Say
  6. Aida Villanueva
  7. Carmencita Watkins
  8. Christian Melanie Lee
  9. Richard Mamuyac
  10. eds
  11. jackie tabuada
  12. Jhengpot
  13. Jill Roque
  14. Glenn Encinares
  15. monica kris francisco
  16. Rowena Isip Villanueva
  17. Lea
  18. Mary Gee Ismael
  19. Marlene
  20. Marissa Lugtu
  21. Malou Espanol
  22. Peter Ong
  23. Lorna Puno
  24. Cheska E. Pagsanjan
  25. Rhea Cabatingan
  26. Godwin De Leon
  27. wilfred
  28. cheyzerr
  29. zeychelle
  30. teresa
  31. Steve del Castillo
  32. Lorelie Ann Bataycan
  33. Rachel Canales
  34. leo rances garcia
  36. Jen Gangan
  37. RiCalyn
  38. Leizle Demaisip
  39. Mayla Lagrimas
  40. Argei Santos
  41. Lily :)
  43. Ermalyn Padilla
  44. Abigail Sy
  45. Vivian Aguilar
  46. Margaret S. Chan
  47. Hazel Uri
  48. januarylau
  49. Carolyn Ong
  50. Carmencita Watkins
  51. maura faye victoria
  52. Patricia Karla Parguian
  53. Amity Chang
  54. Rogelio Quiambao
  55. Rizza Mae Leonardo
  56. Julie Gonzales
  57. Kany Vic Perez
  58. Khrish S.
  59. Annie
  60. Svetlani
  61. Gigi Beleno
  62. Alyssa Jane Saluta
  63. Maria
  64. Camille
  65. Marizza Domingo
    • Marizza Domingo
  66. Almira Puno @puno_almira
  67. Sares Angoba Baldomero
  68. Jamaica Isabel Buguis
  69. Junelie Tabangco
  70. Jarred Barra
  71. Josephine Lim
  72. Leonor Hiloma
  73. Leonor Hiloma
  74. Elinor Semira
  75. Leonor Hiloma
  76. Robert Jonathan Chan
  77. Filamay Beboso
  78. cynthia atadero
  79. Gem @PreciousGEM76
  80. rachel lamano
  81. Nicole
  82. Severino
  83. JER
  84. Vanessa Rose Palacio
  85. Leonor Hiloma
  86. MK
  87. Margie Ruiz Carperna
  88. Jell Robante
  89. Aira
  90. Bachuchay
  91. Cza Diwa
  92. Jaja Borja Laure
  93. Mei Santiago
  94. Nicole Valderrama
  95. Jervin Muyco
  96. Zyra Anne
  97. Victoria Jose
  98. Carlos
  99. Sella Goden
  100. kuya charlz
  101. Victor perez
  102. Clifford M.
  103. Lorelie Ann Bataycan
  104. j0n3luy
  105. Leonor Hiloma

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