Philippines Advances in La Maison Cointreau Asia Finals 2016

Philippines’ Cedric Cello joins four other finalists in the Top 5 slots for the La Maison Cointreau Competition recently held in Phuket, Thailand.

The good news broke late last night as host Cointreau announced in their Facebook Page about Cedric advancing to the second leg of the La Maison Cointreau Asia Finals 2016:

Congratulations to Cedric Cello for qualifying in the top 5! He will be competing together with UAE, Singapore, Vietnam and Australia [with] the Margari-Thai challenge.

Cedric Cello

Cedric Cello with his ‘Margari-Thai Creation:

Cello's "Sasithorn" Thai Margarita Cointreau

Philippines‘ “Sasithorn” Thai Margarita Cointreau in Leg 1 by Cedric Cello

Currently being held since October 23, 2016, Cello’s Thai Margarita challenge entry was called “Sasithorn“, literally meaning “the moon” in Thai. This development comes just in time, less than two weeks towards the upcoming 16th Grand Wine Experience in the Philippines, which is touted to be the biggest in South East Asia.

Wine & Spirit Night @ HOOQ

Just last week, Blogger Manila gave its best wishes to Cedric whom we met for the first time at Hooch Bar in Makati.

We also had the honor to taste his creation which earned him the spot to represent the Philippines in this international Cointreau competition. It was a mix of Gossip, a refreshing drink made of Cointreau, Greygoose L’ Orange, basil leaves, green mango, watermelon, Giffard watermelon, and angostura bitters!

A champion, indeed!


Cointreau Cocktail

Cointreau -Food Pairing @ Hooch Bar

Cointreau Fizz

Cointreau Fizz Strawberry Mint Fizz

Moreover, you can also try another sexy cool Cointreau recipe – the Cointreau Fizz Strawberry Mint Fizz. This concoction is actually simple such that you can try yourself mixing Cointreau orange liqueur, muddled strawberries, fresh lime, soda water and mint leaves.

Know more about Cointreau and Cedric Cello through the following Facebook Pages ((where the unmarked photos came from)):

La Maison Cointreau Asia Finals 2016

La Maison Cointreau Asia Finals 2016

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Cello Cello has to ace two more legs in the next few days to grab the coveted grand winner title La Maison Cointreau Asia Finals 2016. Congratulations Cedric and good luck moving forward!

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