Blogger Apprentice Challenge #2: Chicken Delish Food Review

Blogger Apprentice Challenge #2

Blogger Apprentice Challenge #2

Blogger Apprentice Challenge #2 is a food review. And our subject was fellow blogger Annalyn Jusay‘s food business – Chicken Delish.

Annalyn was asking me to review her Chicken Delish delicacy for sometime now but is not able to do so because her branch is situated in Paranaque. So when news came out that Chicken Delish would be joining Best Food Forward, I found it a good opportunity to finally taste her chicken!

Moreover, I surmised that this was also a fitting activity for the blogger apprentice contenders. We discussed and she agreed.

So a number of the blogger apprentice contenders braved the impromptu rain that afternoon of Best Food Forward in Bonifaciio Global City and tried Chicken Delish.

I myself got at the venue late but Annalyn was there to take care of the blogger apprentice contenders who came.

At the moment, her bestsellers are the sweet and spicy sauce which just has the right kick and Pinoy barbecue which has a very tasty, garlicky taste. Sriracha is Thai hot sauce mixed with butter and hone. Four-piece chicken wings cost only P90 while two-piece drumsticks are at P120.

Aside from being the ‘Challenge #2,’ Annalyn was kind enough to award the top three blog reviews of her choice. The prizes are branded headsets and computer speakers, among others.

As a result, the following were the winning blogposts as judged by Ms. Annalyn Jusay are (this has weighty to the rankings in the Blogger Apprentice program) :

Samsung Bluetooth Headset
Divoom iTour Pop Speakers
Personal Beauty Pack – (Physiogel, Veet & L’Occitane)
Zen Zest Perfume Pack

Other blogs were:

Thanks to Chicken Delish for participating in our Blogger Apprentice Challenge #2 and giving away some prizes our blogger apprentice contenders as well!

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