Speed Dating Preparation Tips

Thai Iced Tea, delicious pasta, and rice cakes were all distractions to the mindset of me dating almost a dozen women in one night. These type of distractions are what I would welcome any day, any time.

Speed Dating

Speed Dating

I am telling my tale from a first-hand experience as I joined “From Siam with Love“, TeluEvents‘ third speed dating initiative Blogger Manila featured a few weeks ago bringing a Thai feel into the dating scene.

One Night and A Dozen Ladies

So how do you prepare yourself for a speed dating event? What mindset should you bring to the table? How can you maximize your experience?

Some guys tend to warm up for the first few rounds, and their game does not come until they are fluid enough for a conversation with a complete stranger.

I am not a virgin to speed dating. I have been in several 5-minute small talks with ladies. On a typical sarge day, approach can amount to a dozen. In these 5-minute chit chats, there is nothing in your mind but getting on the other’s. At least, that is what I perceive about speed dating.

"From Siam with Love"

“From Siam with Love”

Like any other dates, physical preparations are a must. You have to prepare your attire for the night. You must also be in your best possible condition. You do not want a dozen girls dating a sick guy moving around tables.

More than that, mental preparedness will bring your edge. Remember that the number of ladies on the room somehow resembles the number of guys. Competition is steep. Your connection to your dates is most important.

speed dating event

About 12 pairs of men & women participated in the speed dating event

Here are my tips for those who will consider finding their significant other in a speed dating initiative.

  • Bring Yourself In

I have used my nickname as a topic of the conversation for 6 rounds. Your dates will always ask for basic information from you. Make sure you know yourself before coming in. Questions like how many are you in the family and from what province are your parents from will always be a template.
Be ready with your answers.

  • Use All Props Available

Speed Dating organizers like TeluEvents usually puts a theme to their dating programs so be creative. The place is loaded with several items that can be used as topics for a small conversation.
There are table numbers, table names, the food that you just ate, among others. The random questions printed on cut outs also helped when dead air strikes.

  • Ask, Ask, ASK!

Dating is not about only you. Try to get as much information from your date as possible. Things unique to her will be very helpful by the end of the night. Data such as what she does for a living makes her different from the lady on the next table.

  • Time is Limited

You have 5 minutes with a few extra seconds per round. Maximize them. I know your date may be very pretty and staring at her would be enough but these 5 minutes may or may not be the only 5 minutes that she and you will talk… EVER! There may not be another chance.

  • Enjoy The Night!

It is a common misconception that speed daters attend such events to get laid. No, that is not necessarily true. Usually, speed daters would just want to broaden their horizon, meet new people, and have the chance to try something new. Some people even put speed dating on their bucket list for the experience so just enjoy it!

Blogger Manila

Mr. Pepi De Leon (rightmost), contributor of BloggerManila.com ,covered and joined in the fun of speed dating

Be Yourself“, was the tip of the night’s Miss Congeniality. Jokingly, Mr Congeniality said he bought the votes. They both got the highest number of thumbs up from daters of the opposite sexes.

So what can you say about ‘speed dating‘? Have you been to one or is interested in joining one soon?

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