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An Open Letter to Indonesian President Joko Widodo: “Life Sentence Instead of Death”

Your Excellency President Joko Widodo DK: Some readers of my newspaper columns have emailed me asking

MediCard: Assurance with a Worry-Free HMO

At the young age of five, I was diagnosed with cataract on my left eye. In

Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs for Fresh Graduates

In the Philippines, the month of March marks the start of graduation season. And in a

Habitat Youth Build 2015 Through Bricks & Clicks

If a journey starts with first step, a house is built with the first brick. Thousands

3 Neltex Solutions for Major Pipeline Issues

You know you are in the Philippines if a major road excavation which occurred just a

Get Outside this Summer

Summer in the Philippines is synonymous to vacations, travelling, and having fun with family and friends.

The World of Supercars: PGA Cars’ Luxury Motorshow

It was an ordinary weekend last February 8, 2015 until my wife and I visited the

Fisheye Preview of Converse Spring 2015

Converse Philippines recently revealed its Spring 2015 Converse  sneaker collection inspired from the creative spirit of

Transitions Signature Lenses Review: Seeing Through New Lenses

At age five, I was diagnosed with cataract on my left eye. Probably congenital or through

A Better Version of Ourselves

We want to be better at work to level-up our career, we work harder to earn