The 2011 Official Blogger Apprentices

After the two-month search of Blogger Manila‘s pioneering program in the Philippine blogosphere, the “Search for

Blogger Apprentice Magic 6 Named

Blogger Apprentice Magic 6 Called as the “Magic 6,” the top 6 contenders of Blogger Manila‘s

Brand Building Basics Seminar

My first effort in bringing an identity to my blogging activity was when I decided to

Blogger Apprentice Application Closes Soon

With last month’s announcement of the Search for the Blogger Apprentice, a number of newbie and

DTI Sales Promotion Permit for Blogger Contests Needs a Dose of Common Sense

Being practical in life is considered one of the essentials is survivng today’s world. And a

Think Before you Click

The GMA News & Public Affairs recently started a campaign encouraging responsible use of social media.

The ‘Blogger You’ in Social Networks

When we create our social networking accounts, we regularly think about the “general us” – basic

Social Networking Etiquette According to Word of the Lourd

With the  young age of social media in the Philippines, and the number of people joining

Blogger.com Legacy Accounts Have Until August 1

If you haven’t logged in to your old blogger.com account since 2007, then yours is a

The Search for the Blogger Apprentice

With the launch of the Blogger Manila Club last month , allow me to officially announce