For Dog Lovers: Year of the Dog Mug & Starbucks Card

Although the Chinese New Year signalling the start of the “Year of the Dog” has yet to begin on February 16, 2018 in the Gregorian Calendar, Starbucks Philippines has already sent lovely teasers on their new and upcoming merchandise highlighting the season!

Arf, arf!” with a bark of approval from both dogs and their owner-masters as Starbucks Philippines will soon unveil their “Year of the Dog” – inspired Starbucks Merchandise including the adorable “Dog“ Starbucks Mug.

Starbucks Philippines

Starbucks Philippines‘ “Year of the Dog” Merchandise

Premium Dog White Mug

Among the symbolic products included in the YOTD merchandise is the “Dog White Mug” which has a premium look lent to it by the shiny image of a dog embossed on the mug’s external.

Its red-inked interior will surprise coffee drinkers with a black paw-mark at the internal bottom of the mug after drinking their hot or cold coffee.

We’ll update this blog with the availability and price of the dog mug soon once we got further details from Starbucks Philippines.

Year of the Dog

Starbucks “Year of the Dog” Mug

Starbucks Mug Price

Starbucks Mug

Dog White Mug

The ‘Secret Paw” at the bottom of the Dog White Mug

Lunar New Year Starbucks Card – Year of the Dog

This year’s “Year of the DogLunar New Year Starbucks Card uses the same symbolic image from the Dog Mug that will make you want to buy both as a package, specially for collectors.

The Dog Starbucks Card is priced at Php 300 and comes with a Php 300 load.

*On a side note, we used a purple background for our photo shoot as they say that’s it’s this year’s color! :)

Starbucks Lunar New Year Card 2018

Starbucks Lunar New Year Card 2018

Starbucks Cards

Year of the DogStarbucks Card

Starbucks Wafer Rolls

Completing the dog-inspired Starbucks Philippines merchandise is the Starbucks Wafer Rolls! It’s not actually a new product, but a seasonal one!

Starbucks Philippines usually releases the Wafer Rolls annually at the start of the year, right after the holiday season. It can serve as an ideal Chinese New Year gift for relatives and loved ones.

But what makes this year’s Starbucks Wafer Rolls special is that it comes in different flavors including a selection of coffee, matcha, and hojicha wafer rolls (previous years only have 1 flavor)

Starbucks Wafer Rolls

2018 Starbucks Wafer Rolls

Moreover, this 2018‘s tin can has a print of the “Year of the Dog” similar to the mug and Starbucks Card. Inside are 4 packs of 45g each for a total of 180g.

We’ll update this blog with the availability and price of the Starbucks Wafer Rolls once we got further details from Starbucks.

More Starbucks Merchandise

Part of the new Starbucks Philippines merchandise, beverages, and food items greeting 2018 is the Starbucks Whole Bean CoffeeGuatemala Huehuetenango. Read more about what’s new at Starbucks Philippines this 2018 in Starbucks Philippines NomNom.

Starbucks Dog Mug

Starbucks Dog Mug says advance “Happy Chinese New Year“! :)

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There you go! It’s the “Year of the Dog” and Starbucks Philippines made sure it’s an awesome year for all coffee and dog lovers! Get the whole set of Starbucks Dog White Mug, Starbucks Card Year of the Dog, Starbucks Wafer Rolls, and more!

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