Growing My Business with ‘ML Payroll PRO’ Soon

Aside from teaching Information Technology in college and pursuing my hobby as a micro-influencer on the side, not many people know that I also run a home-based social media marketing agency with a handful of employees.

Known as DigitalCircles, we’ve been running our online marketing efforts since 2014 on a low-key referral-only business model and intentionally remained a small organization.

Now nearing our 10th anniversary, we have decided early this year that it’s time to switch gears and grow our small company. This 2024, we’ve started reaching out to brands and PR agencies whom we believe our influencer marketing services could help theirs.

ML Payroll PRO

Growing My Business with ‘ML Payroll Pro

Scaling up the Business

As the Managing Director, I know that this expansion also means scaling up our business. This includes not only how we manage our growing list of clients, but also how we handle our internal operations and managing the new employees we are about to hire.

And in this modern times, I can’t thank enough what modern technology has to offer entrepreneurs. One of the service applications I am eyeing to help our thriving business is the ML Payroll PRO.

ML Payroll PRO

As per my initial research, ML Payroll PRO is an automation application that can help MSMEs in payroll management including day-to-day operations, as the name suggests. As a powerful tool, it is designed to revolutionize the way businesses operate and enhance overall operational efficiency, which I will elaborate on in a bit.

It is backed by one of the trusted brands in the Philippines – M Lhuillier – which has been a steadfast partner in the growth of micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs), providing financial solutions and support for the everyday Filipino.

M Lhuillier

ML Payroll PRO by M Lhuillier

Managing with ML Payroll PRO

And now, for the functional areas of the ML Payroll PRO, I have identified four pointers where it can help our DigitalCircles business best:

  1. The system can automatically compute taxes, contributions and deductions, ensuring accurate compliant Payroll Processes. Something all businesses need in a payroll service.
  2. Since we have both full-time and part-time employees, the application is flexible enough to accommodate different Payroll Cycle Settings with various salary schedules, including weekly, semi-monthly, and monthly payment cycles.
  3. Add to that its customizable Salary Management for various salary structures where we set different levels of allowances and benefits based on the employee pay grade.
  4. Although we don’t have a separate Human Resource department just yet, we could prepare for this as early as now as ML Payroll PRO can also streamline HR Processes such as attendance tracking, leave management and employee onboarding.

My Favorite Feature of the ML Payroll Pro

As a digital marketing agency, we measure the success of our projects and campaigns based on the results.

While Social Media projects are the easiest with platform built-in insights and statistics, Media Relations projects are based on relationship and media values which we have to monitor and compute. Moreover, our third service on Influencer Marketing also necessitates information and payment management of the KOL talents we handle while their “talent fees” serve like their “salary” in that sense.

This is where my favorite “Reporting and Analytics” feature of ML Payroll PRO comes in. They provide access to real-time reports and analytics to gain insights into payroll trends, employees costs, and even compliance metrics.

Payroll Management System

What Features are you looking for in a Payroll Management System?

Furthermore, it can generate comprehensive Payroll Reports for our internal analysis and provide both employees and talents with digital payslips for transparency and convenience.

Indeed, I am both excited with our developing business and how ML Payroll PRO can help us overcome the operational challenges and achieve success! In fact, this ML Payroll System is offered FREE without subscription fees.

If you are also looking into embracing the automation of your payroll 100% to have more time in focusing on your expanding business, you can know more about ML Payroll PRO through Ms.Hanna at 09479990751 or via email at [email protected]. You can also check out their website for more information and enroll here.

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