“Kapatid Mo, Idol Raffy Tulfo”: Public Service Legacy Continues on TV5

Sen. Raffy Tulfo makes his highly anticipated return to television this weekend via the new show: Kapatid Mo, Idol Raffy Tulfo.

The program will showcase his unwavering commitment to helping those in need. Premiering on TV5 later tonight – April 7, 2024, the new program brings Idol Raffy’s signature brand of public service in addressing the concerns of distressed Filipinos and bringing to light the most touching stories that will also inspire viewers.

Kapatid Mo Idol Raffy Tulfo

Raffy Tulfo’s Public Service Legacy Continues on New TV5 Program

Airing every Sunday at 6:15 PM, Kapatid Mo, Idol Raffy Tulfo employs a dynamic magazine format that combines actual footage with docu-style treatments to bring each story to life.

Subjects and case studies are mindfully curated from the Wanted sa RadyoAction Center” and social media posts tagged through #RaffyTulfoinAction, with an eye for the most compelling and engaging stories.

With three distinct segments in each episode, Kapatid Mo, Idol Raffy Tulfo brings a diverse range of stories that inspire, inform, and entertain. Ranging from issues of crime & abuse to emotional narratives of the less privileged, the show becomes a platform for Idol Raffy to help seek justice for victims and extend a helping hand for people in need.

Adding a lighthearted touch, the program also presents stories sourced from social media, offering viewers a refreshing break from heavier topics. From heartwarming tales to humorous anecdotes, this segment celebrates the lighter side of life, concluding the show with a well-rounded viewing experience for audiences.

Idol Raffy’s strong public service brand serves as a cornerstone of the show’s success, setting it apart from other programs in its genre. His dedication to helping others, coupled with his undeniable charisma, resonates with the majority of Filipinos and reinforces his status as a trusted advocate for change.

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Witness the power of public service in action on Kapatid Mo, Idol Raffy Tulfo starting this April 7, every Sunday at 6:15PM on TV5, with catch-up airing at 8:00PM on One PH.

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