Moving in the Right Direction with ‘ML Moves’

We are all familiar with M Lhuillier as our friendly downtown financial services provider that we all grew up with.

In fact, in case you didn’t know, they actually started in the Philippines way back as early as 1935 focused on jewelry manufacturing and money lending. The company eventually grew more branches all-over the country and is now one of the leading names in the money transfer and pawnshop business.

And today, with the changing market and growing demand of the industry, they have started to expand to other related businesses as well, in continued service as a “Tulay ng ‘PaMLyang’ Pilipino” – a play of words for ‘paMiLya‘, the local vernacular for ‘family‘ – completing their brand tagline “Bridging Filipino Families“.

ML Moves

Moving in the Right Direction with ‘ML Moves

ML Moves for the Filipino

In this continued commitment of service to the Filipino people, M Lhuillier is now also a logistics solutions provider called “ML Moves“!

Did you know that in 2015, M Lhuillier embarked into logistics retailing – specifically as an extended business center of third-party logistics partners? Pwede!

In this direction, they aim to provide innovative logistics solutions as a DROP-OFF and PICK-UP center for both walk-in and business transactions.

Thinking about it further, it’s actually a good decision and area of development to optimize the presence of their already expansive chain all over the Philippines – from the major cities, to the smallest hard-to-reach provinces. This related business of logistics is a commonsensical approach indeed.

Walk-in or E-Commerce

Whatever your needs are, be it for “Walk-In” transactions like sending parcels or documents to domestic or international destinations, or for “E-Commerce” such as a Lazada / Shopee branch pick-up, returns, or seller drop-off, ML Moves got it!

M Lhuillier

ML Moves: Walk-in & E-Commerce

As a business owner myself, I frequent pick-up and drop-off centers to send packages for influencer marketing and seeding for the brands we handle such as SM Supermarket and LocknLock. So this development is certainly a good news as we have a nearby M Lhuiller center that’s just walking-distance away. I can have it delivered ‘branch-to-branch’ or ‘branch-to-door’ on selected M Lhuillier service centers nationwide.

And even if the Christmas holiday was just over, the Chinese New Year and Valentine’s Day is still in the air!

It’s now as easy as dropping-off my item at the M Lhuillier branch nearest us. No need to worry as all branches offer ML Moves services. As a logistics solutions partner, ML Moves will then ship it through their local courier partners such as J&T Express & Airspeed. For selected M Lhuillier branches that offer international destinations, DHL Express is their courier partner.

Moreover, as for the Lazada & Shopee PICK-UP, customers can opt to have their packages dropped-off (and pay the COD amount there at the same time if applicable) at the nearest M Lhuillier branch so you can have the flexibility to pick it up any time you want.

Now, for Lazada & Shopee RETURNS, customers just need to priorly apply for a return/refund. Once approved, simply drop the item off at any branch, and ML Moves will send it back for you without having to pay for a shipping fee.

M Lhuillier Branches Lazada Shopee

M Lhuillier‘s ML Moves

Lastly, for selected Lazada & Shopee SELLERS, drop-offs can be done on selected M Lhuillier branches as well. Lazada and Shopee couriers will then periodically pick up the batched parcels ready for delivery to the line haul carriers.

Indeed, exciting times are ahead for the Philippine logistics industry as the robust economy further pushes up the demand for parcels and deliveries. And thank goodness for the conveniences offered by drop-off and pick-up centers like M Lhuiller via ML Moves!Pwede!

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