Think Before you Click

Think Before You Click

Think Before You Click

The GMA News & Public Affairs recently started a campaign encouraging responsible use of social media. With the Philippines emerging to be one of the top social networking users in the world, this is timely and relevant.

Basically in the same concept as the saying “with every action, there is a consequence,” same goes for pressing that “share” button in your favorite social networking and microblogging site.

Check out this Think Before you Click video from GMA News & Public Affairs:

The campaign is about warning you to think twice with what you share to the world. Be it in the form of words and letters, photos, or videos, these information can be read by those who you shared it with and can affect them as well. There are consequences, possibly both positive and negative; we hope for the former, of course. But the fact of reality is, that is not always the case.

So before you regret publishing that public message, think again how it would affect the recipient/subject and readers. Think before you click.

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