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Education Advocacy in Social Media

There’s no denying the widespread influence of social media these days. Aside from the usual brand Now Streaming & The Launch Party Now Streaming was a party overflowing with online celebrities, bloggers, music, booze, dancing, and no

New Year Meets Epic Launch Party

Happy New 2012! After three weeks of holiday hiatus, we’re back with a bang! We’re welcoming

A Merry Social Media Christmas to All!

Dear readers and Blogger Manila Club members, I would just like to greet you all a

Facebook Timeline: An Online Autobiography

The buzz on Facebook Timeline has been around for quite a while, but it is only

Facebook Status Message Length Gets a Boost

Do you still remember the day when you can only type 160 characters max in your

Context is Key in a Social Media Campaign

With Facebook hitting 1 billion users in a year or two and the Philippines ranking high

Blogger Apprentice Application Closes Soon

With last month’s announcement of the Search for the Blogger Apprentice, a number of newbie and

DTI Sales Promotion Permit for Blogger Contests Needs a Dose of Common Sense

Being practical in life is considered one of the essentials is survivng today’s world. And a

Think Before you Click

The GMA News & Public Affairs recently started a campaign encouraging responsible use of social media.