Facebook Timeline: An Online Autobiography

Facebook Timeline

Facebook Timeline

The buzz on Facebook Timeline has been around for quite a while, but it is only the other day that it became publicly accessible for all.

The Facebook Timeline is Facebook‘s new approach into organizing profiles with a sense of time and organization. It tries to tell YOUR story possibly from your birth upto the recent time with ‘highlights‘ – you can  actually consider it your online autobiography.

Facebook seems to be taking this risk of diversifying from the Wall‘s activity-focused approach to a more ‘milestone-focused‘ one called “Timeline.”

FB Timeline Tour

FB Timeline Tour

Aesthetically enhanced with another vanity-feeding big centeral photo at the top, I say Facebook Timeline will be a hit (since it feeds on vanity and focuses on me., myself and I). Well, it’s not called a personal profile page for nothing. :)

Personally, I find the format ‘Friendster‘-like, specially Friendster’s last layout before it went kaboosh! . Not to say it’s bad, I actually like it. It also gives you a crash course about a new friend or the ‘totality‘ of someone. On the other hand, of course, one of its disadvantages is that it’s a stalkers’ haven, to say the least.

From the big photo on top, your profile is split into two columns downwards with your posts on the right and photos on the left side; if you choose to do so. This is actually one of the keypoints of the ‘Timeline‘ – being able to choose which one you’d like to show to the world. Select them from your ‘activity log’.

How To Create Your  Facebook Timeline:

  1. To start, you can check out this link – http://www.facebook.com/about/timeline and select “Get Timeline”.

  2. Identify which ‘Cover‘ you want. This is your big central photo on top of your profile.

  3. Choose a Photo

    Choose a Photo: Choose from among your FB photos or upload a new one.

    You can actually choose from among your FB photos or upload a new one.

  4. Select your Stories. Choose features or events from your past you want to put in your timeline from the “Activity Log.”

  5. Your Apps. Select from a wide array of social applications that you want to use from movie list to road maps to music playlists

  6. Be Excited. This is just the beginning.

Facebook Profile Timeline

Newly Created Facebook Profile Timeline of Jonel Uy

Users has the option to set it on preview mode only until December 23, 2011 or publish it now in public.

As we know from Facebook history, Zuckerberg would not be able to sit tight in his office chair without changing or adding some more features to this new development. The Facebook Timeline would undergo a lot more revisions in the near future. We may like it or we may not, hopefully the former. I hope this How To Create A  Facebook Timeline guide was of help.

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