Context is Key in a Social Media Campaign

Social Media Campaign

Social Media Campaign

With Facebook hitting 1 billion users in a year or two and the Philippines ranking high in the Top 10 country in terms of users at more than 70% of its online population, building your brand’s online presence in social networking sites and blogs is almost inevitable.

Traditional marketing still stands, but with the ready availability of information on the web, internet-savvy customers are now more keen on what their friends and acquaintances say on their social networking accounts and blogs. The factor of ‘trust’ on friends’ and acquaintances’ experiences, or simply what they have to say, are now given more value than marketing thrusts forcefully fed to them.

To craft an effective social media campaign is to know what your target customers need to know, or what you want for them to know. Either way, the context in which you deliver these to them is key.

Know your objectives, identify the context in which it is best to deliver them, and utilize the best social media tools available to accomplish the aforementioned. Context in a social media campaign is key!

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