7 Healthy Hygiene Tips & More from Unilever & Shopee!

Health and hygiene took its rightful priority seat worldwide after the pandemic hit in 2020. We’ve come to finally realize that they should not be taken for granted if we want to protect ourselves from harmful bacteria and viruses that can affect our health negatively.

Unilever Hygiene 101

Unilever Hygiene 101 with Philippine Public Health Association

The Hygiene 101 Campaign

In light of this, Shopee and Unilever have continuously exerted efforts educate the public about health & hygiene and making their products accessible though e-commerce and attractive offers though discounted sales and opportunities.

Starting today, Unilever just launched The Hygiene 101 campaign as part of its commitment to protect communities by educating and encouraging good hygiene habits. While COVID-19 is still here, it’s important to stay vigilant and mindful of our actions.


Unilever Hygiene 101 Sale on Shopee

Unilever Philippines, in partnership with the Philippine Public Health Association, aim to remind Filipinos of the hygiene habits we’ve built over the year and to incorporate them into our new normal lifestyles. The campaign highlights 101 Hygiene Hacks and simple tips that one can do to practice good hygiene.

Check out these 7 Healthy Hygiene 101 Tips:

1. Wash / Sanitize Your Hands Often

Wash Hands

Always Wash Your Hands

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2. Wash Cloth Masks After Every Wear

Unilever Hygiene Sale

Shopee‘s Unilever Hygiene Sale

Hygiene 101 Sale: https://shopee.ph/Breeze-Anti-Bacterial-Powder-Detergent-630g-i.40495882.3161855717


3. Make it a Habit to Shower after Going Out

Covid 19

Fight against Covid 19!

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4. Dry Cloths Completely Before Folding

Unilever Hygiene Sale Promo

Unilever Hygiene Sale Promos

Hygiene 101 Sale:https://shopee.ph/Surf-Fabric-Conditioner-Antibacterial-with-Mint-800ml-Bottle-i.40495882.5915463503

5, Make sure to Brush Every Morning

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6. Disinfect Your Household Entrances

Shopee Vouchers

Shopee Vouchers and Brand Vouchers!

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7. Sanitize your household furniture and items. No Germs Allowed anywhere inside your house!

Flash Deals

Flash Deals, Gifts with Purchase, & Hygiene Tips!

Hygiene 101 Sale: https://shopee.ph/Domex-Ultra-Thick-Bleach-Toilet-Cleaner-Classic-Antibacterial-900ml-i.40495882.1465437313


Indeed, these simple habits such as bringing a hand sanitizer when going out, washing clothes worn outside immediately, and disinfecting homes regularly can make a difference in our family’s health!

Unilever Hygiene 101 Sale

Make sure to join the Hygiene 101 Sale on Mar 2729 on Shopee whose links are provided above as well. Offers include Unilever must-have hygiene products UP TO 50% OFF – plus, discounted bundles, free gifts, discount vouchers and more! This is part of Shopee Mall’s Super Brand Day with Unilever.

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Join in and let’s build the habit of proper hygiene and keep our loved ones safe and healthy!


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