Cashless Shopping with BPI QR code @ Sinag ng Pasko 2018

Christmas shopping just became more meaningful as you support our very own local social enterprises while you plan for your gift-giving. This is true as the BPI Sinag Ng Pasko Bazaar opened earlier today in Glorietta 2 at Makati City, Philippines!

Sinag ng Pasko 2018: Cashless Shopping with BPI QR Code

And to make it even more interesting, Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) enabled shoppers at the Sinag ng Pasko bazaar, for the first time, to experience cashless shopping with the new QR code feature of the latest BPI Mobile App.

BPI Sinag Ng Pasko

BPI Sinag Ng Pasko

BPI Foundation, which organizes the BPI Sinag ng Pasko bazaar every year, introduced the use of the new BPI Mobile app’s Transfer via QR code feature so that shoppers with BPI accounts will no longer have to worry about bringing cash, or keying in the wrong account number for payments.

A quick scan of the vendor’s QR code will now do the trick.

Sinag Ng Pasko” Shines Brighter

BPI Sinag, the flagship entrepreneurship program of BPI Foundation, supports and empowers local social enterprises through business incubation programs, coaching, financial support, and a network of like-minded entrepreneurs and experts.

SIinag Ng Pasko

BPI Foundation‘s SIinag Ng Pasko

BPI Mobile App

BPI Mobile App‘s QR Code (Steps to Use)

Woman In Digital

Woman In Digital Using the BPI QR Code for Payment

BPI Sinag Ng Pasko

LOVE in Flatlay at BPI Sinag Ng Pasko

This year, when it is held for two days for the 1st time, BPI Sinag ng Pasko 2018 focuses on the Filipino Christmas, with high-quality Filipino products on display. Over 50 social and small enterprises from all over the Philippines was (and “will be” for some tomorrow) at the bazaar to offer unique artisanal products that showcase Filipino craftsmanship and ingenuity. Arts and crafts, fashion and accessories, food, and homeware products are available for every type of shopper.

Participants include Mori Notes, AADR arts and crafts center, Accents and petals, Button’n’things, CustomMade Crafts, Edaya Cordillera, Jacinto & Lirio, Karaw CraftVentures, Mori Notes, Ayala Foundation, Akaba, Angie Yakan, Bags for Life, Everything is Pine, Habi Lifestyle, Hera Beatrice, JCJ Barcelon Enterprises, Knitting Expedition, Tejo Collective, Xabukid, Zambawood, Auro Chocolate,, Balangay’s Best, Bila Rural Improvement Development (BIRD) Club, Puto ni Papa, SARET Organic Farmville, Uproot Aquaponics, Junk Not Handicrafts, Messy Bessy, Grood Wood.

SInag Ng Pasko 2018

Local Philipine Produce @ SInag Ng Pasko 2018

BPI Mobile App

BPI Mobile App

BPI Foundation

Social & Small Enterprises @ Glorietta 2

Christmas Shopping

Christmas Shopping @ Sinag ng Pasko

Some vendors will have their QR codes prominently displayed at their booths. Those with BPI accounts and the new BPI Mobile app installed on their phones may pay via the “Transfer via QR Code” feature, which is highly encouraged, though cash payments will still be accepted.

Through the BPI Sinag ng Pasko bazaar, BPI aims to provide more exposure and opportunity for social enterprises. And with the new Transfer via QR Code feature of the BPI Mobile app, shoppers can now experience a more convenient and secure means of shopping and transferring funds.

Steps to Use the BPI Mobile App QR Code

BPI Mobile App

Download the New BPI Mobile App (with this new logo)

Download BPI Mobile App

You might need to register your smartphone upon install (this is automatic and quick)

Transfer Money

Choose “Transfer Money

QR Code Generator

Select “QR Generator

QR Code

Choose Account to Generate a QR Code on



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So what are you waiting for? Chirstmas? Shop in advance, shop now! Go local and support our social enterprises while doing a bit of techy-stuff with the BPI Mobile App‘s newest feature -Transfer via QR Code! Sinag Ng Pasko will be at Glorietta 2 in Makati City until tomorrow – December 6, 2018!

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