#SwipeWhite: Swipe Yellow Stains Away with CloseUp!

Stained teeth are unavoidable. Even if you have a good oral health and hygiene, you could still get discoloration from the food we eat and the beverages we drink. A common culprit would be your favorite cup of coffee or tea; yes, they can give you stained teeth over time!

So an invitation from Closeup for the launch of their new Closeup White Attraction whitening toothpastes came as a welcome news a few weeks ago. The media launch was held at the Garden Lounge of the posh Grand Hyatt Hotel.

Grand Hyatt Hotel

Blogger Manila @ CloseUp Launch in The Garden Lounge in Grand Hyatt Hotel

Discovering the New Closeup White Natural Smile

Unilever launched the Closeup White Attraction whitening toothpastes infused with natural ingredients and comes in two variants – the Natural Smile with Lemon Essence and Sea Salt, and the Natural Glow with Bamboo Charcoal and Coconut Extract!

The ‘Natural Smile‘ was an instant hit for me.

Upon hearing of the natural ingredient lemon, one can immediately surmise how effective it could be as the fruit is known to really help remove stains. On the other hand, the sea salt has properties that can strengthen gums and help whiten teeth as well.

Did you also know that sea salt has antibacterial properties that help kill bacteria and germs?

Close Up White Attraction -Natural Smile

Closeup White Attraction -Natural Smile

Close Up White Attraction -Natural Glow

Natural GlowCloseUp White Attraction

As for the ‘Natural Glow‘, the “Bamboo Charcoal and Coconut Extract” aims to improve oral health by maintaining the right pH (acidity level) in the mouth. Add to that the fact that bamboo charcoal can attract dirt away from the teeth and thus removes dark spot and bad odor.

Personal Experience

I’ve been using the “Natural Smile” variant for more than a week now and I already observe some improvement in my front teeth. It was mentioned in the launch that users can expect visible improvements as early as 2 weeks.

Close Up White Attraction

A little more than a week use of the Natural Smile revealed some improvements already

In addition to whiter teeth, I feel the fresher aftertaste and breath in my mouth.

I’ll try the “Natural Glow” variant next!

Both Closeup White Attraction variants are available for Php 92 (100g) in Watsons. You can also buy from other leading groceries and supermarkets in the Philippines.

Closeup Whitening Toothpaste

Php 92 – 100g CloseUp White Attraction Natural Glow

Close Up Swipe White

#SwipeWhite and discover that Closeup White Attraction SMILE or yourself! :)

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Now, you can say goodbye to yellow stains with these new whitening toothpastes from Close Up! Yes, we’re giving it a big smile for a job well done!

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