Miss ORGANIQUE Catriona Gray Wins Miss World Philippines 2016!

When candidate number 13 Ms. Catriona Gray won the Miss ORGANIQUE title in the Miss World Philippines 2016 Gala Night three days before the coronation night, the special award from Organique ACAI was already a foretelling of sorts.

In the same night, Catriona also won the Best in Talent and Miss Folded & Hung for casual wear. She was also the crowd favorite filling the venue Enderun College Tent.
Fast forward to October 2, 2016, indeed, Ms. Catriona Gray won the Miss World Philippines 2016 title among 24 other beauty queens hopefuls.
Miss Organique Catriona Gray

Miss ORGANIQUE Catriona Gray won Miss World Philippines 2016. She was also the bestowed the Special Award of Miss ORGANIQUE in the Gala Night.

Miss World Philippines 2016 Winners

The coronation night were hosted by  Richard Gutierrez, Gwendoline Ruais, and Ms. Hillarie ParungaoMiss World Philippines 2015 winner.

The program started with a bang care of the swimsuit competition followed by the  evening gown showcase. The pacing was fast and juts right leading to the Top 12 where the ladies went through the rigorous Question and Answer portion.

And eventually the Final 5 was announced where the Philippine Beauties were asked a common question on why they should be the next Miss World Philippines winner.
A few moments later, the Miss World Philippines 2016 winners were announced:
  • Catriona GrayMiss World Philippines 2016 Candidate #13
  • Arienne Louise Braga Calingo  - 1st Princess: Candidate #5
  • Ivanna Kamil Suficiencia Pacis - 2nd Princess: Candidate #18 
  • Marah Munoz - 3rd Princess: Candidate #21 
  • Sandra Lemonon - 4th Princess: Candidate #8
Miss World Philippines 2016 Catriona Gray

Miss World Philippines 2016 Catriona Gray

 It is worth mentioning that candidate no. 5 Arienne Louise Braga Calingo gave a very good answer which Blogger Manila believes earned her the No. 2 spot following grand champion Ms. Gray.
For the special awards, the Best in Swimsuit, Best in Long Gown, Miss Manila Hotel, Miss Hanna Resort and the Fashion Runway award, all went to Catriona Gray, as well. Candidate #8 Sandra Lemonon clinched the Most Photogenic award.
GMA Network also broadcasted the delayed telecast at 10pm of the same night.
Miss World Philippines 2017

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Miss World Philippines 2016 Coronation Ball Dinner

After the  Miss World Philippines 2016 pageant proper, we joined the winners and the contestants in the Dinner Ball at the Champagne Room of the Manila Hotel representing the team of Organique ACAI
We also got to interview the newly crowned Ms. Catriona Gray, Ms. Cory Quirioo and  Organique ACAI celebrity endorser Ms. Tweety De Leon who is one of the judges that night.
Organique ACAI Tweetie De Leon

Ms. Tweetie De leon-Gonzales, Organique ACAI Celebrity Ambassadress

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Blogger Manila would like to congratulate Ms. Catriona Gray and the Miss World Philippines 2016 pageant organizers for the successful beauty pageant! Just like Ms. Meagan Young (Miss World 2013), we believe Ms. Catriona Gray has a big chance in being the next Miss World! She will represent the country for the Miss World 2016 happening this coming December 2016 at Washington, DC, USA.


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