Health and Beauty in One Place @ The Medical City’s Wellness & Aesthetics Institute

Being healthy and looking good does not have to mutually exclusive. Add to that the concept of ‘self-care‘ which is about balancing your inner and outer wellness. We do know that our physical appearance can positively impact how you feel.

When you practice mindfulness to keep your mental and emotional health in check, the effects can manifest in your physical well-being as well.

Beauty Queens

The Medical City’s Wellness & Aesthetics Institute Press Launch with Guest Beauty Queens. including Miss World Philippines 2019 and Miss The Medical City, Michelle Dee; Miss Universe Philippines 2022 – 1st Runner Up Annabelle McDonnell; Miss Universe Philippines 2022 – 2nd Runner Up, Katrina Llegado; Miss Universe Philippines Charity 2022, Pauline Amelinckx

The Medical City Wellness & Aesthetics Institute

The Medical City Wellness & Aesthetics Institute

This is why people often say that looking and feeling good go hand in hand—it can help build confidence and empower you to be the best version of yourself and live life to the fullest.

In fact, you could actually achieve all of this in one place. From beautifying treatments like IV drips that can benefit the body to preventive health checkups that detect health concerns early, even before the symptoms become noticeable — these can be done at The Medical City’s Wellness & Aesthetics Institute (WAI).

Wellness & Aesthetics Institute Services

We recently attended the launch of Wellness & Aesthetics Institute at The Medical City.

Eugenio Jose Ramos

Opening Speech. The Medical City President and CEO Eugenio Jose F. Ramos giving his opening remarks on Wellness and Aesthetics Institute Media Launch.

Wellness and Aesthetics Institute doctors

Wellness and Aesthetics Institute Doctors and Officers

Stanley Kho

Dr. Stanley U. Kho, MD. Deputy Director for Aesthetics


Wellness and Aesthetics Institute Doctors and Officers

We discovered that aside from the main hospital itself, the WAI is a complementary arm that recognizes the need of clients to experience wellness catered to their holistic needs offering customized programs and treatments that are optimized and personalized based on the needs, goals, and lifestyles of clients.

The integrated wellness and aesthetics center offers a wide range of services where you can avail of diagnostictherapeutic, and rehabilitative interventions and cosmetic procedures. This includes comprehensive wellness services such as lifestyle intervention or Lifestyle MedicinePreventive Health Care for various age segments from Pediatric and Adolescent Health Check-ups up to Adult and Geriatric Preventive Health Checks.

The Institute also provides a wide range of health services from consultation to treatment for all colors of the gender spectrum through its Center for Gender Health and Wellness.

Here is a quick tour inside The Medical City and its Wellness & Aesthetics Institute:

Adult Wellness Center

Adult Wellness Center

Adult Preventive Health Check

Adult Preventive Health Check

Lifestyle Medicine

Lifestyle Medicine

Moreover, if you want to enhance your appearance and boost your self-confidence, you can check out aesthetic services, such as Cosmetic and Dermatology procedures, Non-Surgical Aesthetics, and Plastic Surgery.

From preventive to your recovery, The Wellness and Aesthetics Lounge is ready to assist patients with low nursing care through The Wellness Lounge.

Begin your journey to wellness by booking an appointment with a TMC WAI doctor to do an assessment prior to your chosen procedure.

Transform Your Look & Health

Take this as a sign to invest in wellness and aesthetic procedures for a holistic healthcare experience.


Cosmetic and Dermatology

The Wellness Lounge

The Wellness Lounge

Jose Xavier Gonzales

Jose Xavier Gonzales, Chairman, The Medical City

The Medical City

Transform Your Look & Health at The Medical City’s Wellness & Aesthetics Institute

By taking care of your body inside and out, you can transform not just your physical appearance but also your entire life. Let TMC WAI be your partner in taking control of your life to feel your most attractive and confident self.

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