“Saving Our Seas”: Century Tuna Moves to Combat Plastic Pollution

The Philippines has one of the world’s richest marine biodiversity centers, yet we are losing our greatest treasure due to plastic pollution.

Century Tuna , the leading canned tuna brand in the Philippines, puts a spotlight on this urgent concern as it launches the “Saving Our Seas” initiative.

Century Tuna Saving Our Seas

Participants of Century Tuna Saving Our Seas Initiative

The program aims to raise awareness on the significance of marine conservation as well as the importance of the involvement of consumers in the fight against plastic pollution and how they can be part of the solution.

The initiative started through a Beach and Reef Clean-up activity in several areas in MabiniBatangas, and was joined by Century Tuna Ambassador Alden Richards and Superbods winners and finalists together with volunteers from the community.

Plastic pollution is one of the most pressing environmental issues we have today and as part of Century Tuna’s mission to give back to our planet and our seas, we will be launching the ‘Saving Our Seas’ initiative to help the fight against plastic pollution, especially in our Philippine Seas,” said Century Pacific Food Inc. (CPFI) Vice President and General Manager for Branded Tuna Business, Mr. Carlo Endaya. “Let’s make a huge difference for our beaches and continue to enjoy the marine resources we need,” he added.

Alden Richards

Century Tuna Ambassador Alden Richards talks about his advocacy

Century Tuna’s ‘Saving Our Seas’ initiative is also in partnership with HOPE’s Aling Tindera Waste-to-Cash Program where people in the community can collect their plastic waste and exchange it for cash.

I am so honored to be part of Century Tuna’s ‘Saving Our Seas’ initiative and I totally support this project as I believe that we are all connected to nature. We can only remain healthy if we have a healthy environment. It is our responsibility to protect and save our seas,” said Century Tuna Ambassador Mr. Alden Richards.

Through the Saving Our Seas initiative, the brand reinforces the concept of Plastic Circular Economy–where all plastics collected and recycled are diverted away from nature to ensure that it won’t leak back into the open environment. This is done by bringing it to processors which turn them into something useful and can be used again by the people.

Carlo Endaya

Carlo Endaya, Vice President and General Manager of Tuna Domestic

Along the shoreline of Mabini, Batangas, 11 key areas were already deployed with the Aling Tindera waste bins, where people can drop their plastic and convert their trash into cash. Overall, Century Tuna’s Saving Our Seas initiative is aiming to collect at least 10 metric tons of plastics for its pilot year.

We are so very excited to partner with Century Tuna for the ‘Saving Our Seas’ initiative. This campaign will help grow awareness and encourage more people to join the fight against plastic pollution,” said Friends of HOPE Managing Director Ms. Ilusion Farias. “We hope Filipinos will take this opportunity to exchange their waste for cash and save our seas at the same time,” she added.

The launch of the “Saving Our Seas” initiative also coincides with the celebration of Earth Hour, the world’s largest grassroots movement for the environment, on March 25, 2023.

Century Tuna Saving Our Seas

Century Tuna Saving Our Seas Aling Tindera Program

Century Tuna

Ilusion Farias, Managing Director of HOPE

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The Century Tuna‘s “Saving our Seas” initiative has a lot of noteworthy activities to save our Philippine Seas, so stay tuned for more via their website or visit /CenturyTuna on Facebook or @centurytunasuperbods on Instagram.

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