Golden Ticket Bloggers’ Night

A Bloggers’ Night is a gathering of netizens who blog to causally celebrate a cause or anything for that matter. Last week, Golden Ticket events organisers invited Blogger Manila for a simple dinner at Rack’s in Megamall.

Hunger Games: Mockingjay Movie with Golden Ticket

Hunger Games: Mockingjay Movie with Golden Ticket

It was followed by a special screening of the Hunger GamesMockingjay” movie part 1.

Together with the bloggers were some brands associated with Golden Ticket such as  FoodPanda Philippines, Regroe, Great Image, and Torque, among others. There were a number of media partners as well including lifestyle blog by Dennison Uy.

I first met the Regroe team who asked me to try their product soon. Personally, I know I am a good candidate with my thinning hair, lol. :) Seriously, I hope to use and review their product soon. The folks from FoodPanda were also around and I won a Torque Restaurant gift certificate.

Regroe, FoodPanda Philippines, and more!

Regroe, FoodPanda Philippines, and more!

It was a simple dinner and get-together but it was fun. And to cap the night, we got to watch the Mockingjay movie as a highlight.

Thanks to Golden Ticket and Astig.PH.

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