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Emerging Influential Blogs 2011

EIB 2011

For the fourth year in a row, I am participating in the Emerging Influential Blogs writing project. All the previous three years were always a learning experience albeit the different ‘wind directions that move the ship‘.

With the premise that it is only for new blogs that has been in existent for less than a year (hence the word  ‘emerging‘), the project basically tries to answer the question “How Influential is your Blog at that stage?

I would like to add “…and in what way/s is this manifested?

I guess if you can answer that for your own qualified blog and the blogs you are nominating, then you should be proud of your list as different blogs can be ‘influential‘ in their own different and unique ways.

Here are my own list of nominated blogs with their niche and brief reasons why I am nominating them for this year’s Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs for 2011 Writing Project:


This blog sprouted from the ground out of nowhere and suddenly became into what it is today. -  Carlo Ople certainly did a good job here as much as he did in his other blogs


I believe I still have the hangover form last year’s NomNom Club wave. - the Ignacio siblings unite to bring up a good food blog – insightful restaurant reviews from a real foodie that is Richard Co. – Orman’s Eat’s Terrific would really make you feel terrific while eating. :) Carl’s life of loving veggie can inspire you to be one. :) one of Alex’s blogs on the food niche. I don’t know where he gets the time to handle all his blogs. :)


Although lifestyle blogs can cover a wide coverage of topics, creating a good one is always a challenge Truly sleek, Mark’s articles are of quality you’ll be surprised it’s a newbie blog. – If you want to know what’s the latest happening around town, you would know it wherever Jay-L is.

Advocacy – an advocacy blog dedicated for Jose Rizal is truly wanting

Social Media It’s me! And I discuss the excitement in the mixture of Emerging Media currently covering social media that includes social networks, blogs, and online engagements. I’m proud of my baby which was born 10/10/10. Help put in the Top 10 by including him in your list, if you feel it is worthy.

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Congratulations to the soon-to-be Emerging Influential Blogs for 2011!

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