Gift Local: Globe Business Supports MSMEs this Holiday Season

Yes it’s that time of the year again! Aside from holiday feasts and Christmas parties, in the Philippines, it’s also the time for Christmas bazaars!

And Globe Business know this is a good opportunity for our country’s micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) too! The Christmas season presents opportunities as Filipinos celebrate the holidays this year with greater freedom to go out, get together, and of course, shop.

It is also that time of the year when entrepreneurs face the most challenges: from tracking and fulfilling orders to managing logistics and keeping inventory. This is why since 2017, Globe Business has been hosting its annual Christmas tradition Gift Local to advocate its support for local businesses.

Globe Gift Local

Globe Gift Local

“We host Gift Local every year to serve not just as a platform for MSMEs to reach more customers during Christmas, but also as a means to make them experience the lasting impact of digital innovations in growing their businesses,” said Angie Po, Product Marketing Head of MSME Group, Globe Business.

Gift Local aims to help MSMEs achieve success one gift at a time through giving them the opportunity to reach a wider market and showcase curated products from small businesses.

Now in its 3rd year, Gift Local Live Selling will feature partner MSMEs and their local products on December 2, 7:30 p.m. via the Globe Business Facebook page. Among participating merchants are Kapelipino, Daniel Baker, OLLOCAL PH, Lumi Candles, Big Al’s, Bayongciaga, Artisanal Handmade, Kurimu, Magkawas Beauty and Wellness OPC, Witty Will Save The World, Michee Mich, Terralane Ph, Cubo Essentials, and Habi Lifestyle. Participating Gift Local merchants get a chance to use ChatGenie, which helps scale up their enterprises online during this busy season.

ChatGenie is an In-App Commerce Platform that allows MSMEs that currently get orders manually via chat on Facebook, Instagram, Viber, and GLife on GCash to have an organized online store in these top apps.

This digital solution allows merchants to sell, collect payment, arrange shipping and even track delivery in one dashboard. With this offer, MSMEs can enjoy the benefits of a Starter plan for FREE with no purchase commitment until the end of the year, including a messenger store function even after the live selling event.

“This time of the year accounts for the highest sales for businesses, and we want to make sure our MSMEs are able to make the most out of this season. And this is why we continue to rally shoppers to support local businesses through Gift Local. For every gift that you buy from Gift Local, you bring countless smiles to others by helping grow a small business, by giving livelihood to local communities, and by putting food on the table for countless others. One small act creates a huge impact, so share joy this Christmas one gift at a time with Globe Business Gift Local,” Po said.

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Know more about the products and offers to watch out for at the Gift Local Live Selling by visiting their event page.

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