This Tikoy Gift Box From Marriott Manila is Hard to Eat!

We found a special “Tikoy,” a sticky rice cake delicacy traditionally given as a gift during Chinese New Year, in Marriott Manila!

The beautifully packaged red tikoy gift box contains 2 colorful koi fish inside, each weighing 470 grams and 210 grams.

Marriott Manila

Tikoy Gift Box by Marriott Manila

It looks so good, it’s hard to eat! That’s the dilemma we’re now in. :)

Placed on a gold platter and enclosed with a transparent cover, you can buy a Tikoy gift box from both Marriott Cafe and Man Ho restaurant in Marriott ManilaResorts World Manila. The ti-KOI box is priced at Php 1688 nett and is available until tomorrow - Feb 16, 2018!

Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year Gift Idea


Kooi Fish Tikoy!

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Happy Chinese New Year to all!

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