Stuff’d: Largest Kebab & Burrito Chain Expands from Singapore to Philippines

The fresh casual, halal-certified Mexican-Turkish concept founded in 2014 in SingaporeStuff’d – is now in the heart of the Philippines!

Stuff’d Philippines

The vibrant flavours of Singapore’s beloved casual dining concept have arrived in the country!

Stuff'd Philippines

Stuff’d: Largest Kebab & Burrito Chain Expands from Singapore to Philippines

Nestled within Eastwood City in Quezon City, Stuff’d proudly unveils its inaugural flagship store, boasting an indoor seating capacity of 40, and soon opening in One Ayala Makati, inviting Filipino food enthusiasts on an exquisite culinary journey.

Crafted with an inventive blend of Mexican and Turkish influences, Stuff’d promises an unparalleled casual dining experience. Each dish is meticulously curated, boasting the finest, freshest ingredients to tantalize taste buds and create a lasting impression.

Stuff’d Introduces Two Exclusive New Creations

At the heart of Stuff’d’s menu lies an enticing array of Mexican-Turkish classics, including kebabs, burritos, and quesadillas, cherished by loyal patrons. Elevating the dining experience for their Filipino customers, Stuff’d introduces two exclusive new creations: the wholesome Grain Bowl and the indulgent Cinnamon Chips.

The Grain Bowl harmoniously combines two servings of grains, crisp lettuce, and zesty tomato salsa, complemented by a choice of adobo black beans or buttered corn, paired with succulent grilled chicken or savoury beef chili con carne.

  • Chicken PHP 285.00 / Veggie PHP 285.00 / Beef PHP 305.00

Meanwhile, Cinnamon Chips (P95) cater to the sweet tooth, presenting a delightful fusion of aromatic cinnamon and sugar on every chip, adorned with a drizzle of bittersweet chocolate sauce.

Stuff'd Eastwood City

Stuff’d Eastwood City

The All-time Favourites

If you’re in the mood for a full meal, a kebab might be the one for you. Grilled chicken or beef chili con carne is accompanied by fresh vegetables and delectable sauces wrapped in a warm, soft-pressed tortilla.

  • Chicken PHP 195.00 / Veggie PHP 195.00 / Beef PHP 215.00

For those who need a little heft for the lunch hour, a Stuff’d burrito might just be more to your liking. Available in either chicken or beef chili con carne variations, it’s different from the kebab as it combines tomato salsa and sour cream to create that delectable bite along with fresh iceberg lettuce. You can customize it to your liking through the sauce options like the crowd-favorite BBQ sauce or the mayo cucumber.

  • Chicken PHP 295.00 / Veggie PHP 295.00 / Beef PHP 315.00

A pan-roasted quesadilla, on the other hand, can either be a choice for the in-between hours or simply your must-have for a quick but filling meal. It is also available in either the grilled chicken or beef chili con carne options. Filled with iceberg lettuce, drenched in salsa and sour cream, the spice comes from the Stuff’d habanero sauce.

  • Chicken PHP 245.00 / Veggie PHP 245.00 / Beef PHP 265.00

A Daily Bowl is for those who want to get particular with their grub. Conquer your cravings by choosing five toppings from the delicious Stuff’d options to accompany either the grilled chicken or beef chili con carne. Sauces like sweet Thai chili or roasted sesame sauce are there to cater to every flavour profile.

  • Chicken PHP 335.00 / Veggie PHP 335.00 / Beef PHP 355.00

Any of the menu items mentioned pair well with Nacho Chips (P95). Who can say no to creamy nacho cheese, sour cream, and salsa on top of crispy nacho chips? No one! And that’s why you can also order it on its own for that quick snack.

Stuff'd Philippines

Stuff’d Philippines

The inauguration of Stuff’d’s flagship store at Eastwood Mall marks the beginning of an exciting culinary voyage for Filipino food aficionados, promising a fusion of flavours that transcend borders. Join us as Stuff’d redefines casual dining with its exceptional blend of Mexican-Turkish delights, now within reach at the heart of Quezon City.

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