The Coming of Vivo V11 Teased with Make A Wish Promo

Vivo Philippines has been hinting a lot recently about the coming of the newest Vivo V11 smartphone very soon!

And now, the clock showing 11:11 serves as Vivo‘s latest tease as an instant prompt to make a wish.

They believe that 11:11—either day or night—holds some power that can make any wish come true. With that in mind, Vivo is giving its tech savvy followers an opportunity to share their heart’s desires made at 11:11 am/pm and get an all-new flagship smartphone while doing so.

Vivo V11

Vivo V11 Promo

Vivo V11 Make A Wish Promo

Dubbed as the #MakeAWish promo, Vivo has tapped endorsers and rising stars Maymay Entrata, Edward Barber, Loisa Andalio, and Sassa Dagdag to get the word out and show how easy it is to join the contest.

Maymay wished she could go on a vacation with her family while her on-screen pair Edward wished to always have the courage to face something the new. Loisa, moreover, wished everyone will be happy. On the other hand, Sassa wished to be an inspiration to the youth.

How To Join

To join the Make A Wish promo, Vivo fans of at least 18 years old through They can then upload a selfie with an object—be it an analog or digital clock, or any time-keeping indicator that shows 11:11 am/pm—with a corresponding #MakeAWish caption to qualify.

Maymay Entrata

Maymay Entrata and Edward Barber

There will be two weekly winners for the “Make A Wish” promo. A cutting-edge Vivo V11 will be awarded to the Grand Winner for both weeks while the 1st Runner Up will receive a special Vivo gift set, a premium Vivo notebook, and Little V stuffed toy.

Participants may submit more than one original entry per account, while same entries (identical image and caption) shall be considered as one entry. For more chances of winning, a participant may submit multiple unique entries provided that the photo and caption are unique from their previous entry. Participants may only upload a contribution with which they own the rights for publication. Heavily edited pictures will not be accepted.

The selection of winners will be held every Thursday, 3 PM at the Vivo office in Ortigas. A representative from the Department of Trade and Industry will be invited to witness the selection of the winners.

Loisa and Sassa

Loisa and Sassa

Entries will be accepted until September 12, 2018 to get a chance to experience Vivo’s latest offering: the Vivo V11, a hip smartphone fully equipped with a contemporary screen design and a convenient fast charging battery.

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Join now and get that chance to win the latest Vivo flagship phone – Vivo V11!

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