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As a kid born in the Generation X era, we were used to watching movies in the theater or wait for it’s premiere on the good ‘ol television. Those who can’t wait for the TV release rent or buy the film on VHS, then later on, with the short-lived laser-discs.

Fast forward to the present, it’s now the time of CDs, DVDs, and flashdrives. Moreso with the pick-up of smartphones, more than 30% of Filipinos are now mobile and on the go with easy access to the Internet.

As these numbers continue to rise, entrepremeurs, or should I say technopreneurs, are banking on this trend. One of them is Sherwin Dela Cruz, the man behind ClickPlay Philippines.

ClickPlay Website

ClickPlay Website

Click, Play, Watch

Clickplay PH is similar to the Netflix service in the US where they stream movies online directly to the viewers or customers with the “right here, right now” concept; they call this movie-on-demand.

This is something new for the Filipinos as Clickplay.PH is the first movie-on-demand service provider in the Philippines. Aside from lappops and desktop PCs, one can now watch movies on their smartphones and tablets with Internet connection.

After renting a movie, you have 30 days to start watching it. But the moment you start watching, you have 48 hours to finish the movie, and watch it for an unlimited number of times. Moreover, you can register (watch) the movie in up to 3 devices.

For example, you are watching White House Down on your laptop at home and you have to go out with your mom to visit her friend in the hospital. To kill-off this predictably boring escapade, you can continue watching the movie on your smartphone (2nd device) on the same spot where you left off. :)

Check out how we watched a movie on ClickPlay using the Samsung Tab 10.1.

ClickPlay Movie List


ClickPlay on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

ClickPlay on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

Clickplay offers hundreds of movies from Warner Brothers and Sony Pictures ranging from comedy, drama, sci-fi, action, horror, animation, romance, etc. Local studios and more international content are already in the pipeline.

Current new releases in the website include: Man of Steel, The Hangover 3, After Earth, The Great Gatsby, Evil Dead, Incredible Burt Wonderstone and Jack the Giant Slayer. Grown-ups 2, The Conjuring, Smurfs 2, Pacific Rim and many more are going to be added soon.

See the complete listing of ClickPlay Movies here.

Movie Rates

So how much is a movie, you may ask. Simply said, it’s Php 60 per title (Php 100 for new releases) payable through credit card, Paypal, PLDT bill charge (for PLDT subscribers) or through your Smartload for Smart Postpaid bill, Smart Prepaid, Smart Bro or Talk and Text users.

Partnerships with Industry Giants

To further improve the service, ClickPlay partnered with PLDT, Smart, and Samsung in bringing quality entertainment and seamless movie stream at the highest quality possible.

SmartLoad ClickPlay

SmartLoad & ClickPlay

Samsung also treats its subscribers by giving them complimentary movies from Clickplay upon purchase of selected Smart TVs, mobile and tablets. If you are a PLDT Fibr subscriber, you are entitled for a number of complimentary movies from Clickplay monthly. The service is available in numerous devices that have internet connection: from android mobile phones, tablets, PCs, Macs and even Smart TVs.

Blogger Event

Here are some photos I captured during the ClickPlay Blogger Event where we were invited:

Watch ClickPLay

ClickPlay Movie on Smartphone

Jan Roman of Samsung

Jan Roman of Samsung

ClickPlay on different devices /  gadgets

ClickPlay on different devices / gadgets

Hang Over 3 Movie

Hang Over 3 Movie

ClickPlay on Android

ClickPlay on Android

Download ClickPlay

Although it is currently only available for free download in Google Play Store and Samsung Apps Store, its iOS app will be released soon. You can call 6542492 for more inquiries about ClickPlay or check out the website.

So this holiday season, it’s movie watching time with that special someone or your family, whenever, wherever! :)


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