Hello World!

Hello World!” is the most-used first output in a programming exercise. As common as it sounds, I find it fit for the first post of a blog that intends to tackle information and issues related to social technology.

Social media, blogging, and online activities are the core topics of this new blog. Started in this conspicuous date of October 10, 2010, I intend to share my thoughts, perspectives and viewpoints on the aforementioned topics here in Blogger Manila.

I have been in the IT industry for almost 10 years now. Situational developments led me to this relevant area of Information Technology today – Social Media and Blogging. A colleague on the Net refers to it as ‘Social Web’ – an interesting and catchy term, I think.

The past few years saw the significant growth of the local Philippine blogosphere while social media is a fairly new trade being explored heavily by many. You could consider Online Engagements as a by-product of the two.

I therefore believe that the creation of this blog comes at a relevant point of time. With your support, I do hope that I will be able to fulfill the objectives of this web log for the future readers.

Blogging from Manila, BloggerManila.

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