Facebook in the Philippines (Statistics via Yehey Infographics)

Facebook in the Philippines Jan 2011

Facebook in the Philippines Jan 2011

This is Yehey‘s first infographic illustrating some fun facts about Facebook statistics in the Philippines as of early January 2011.

As Facebook soon reaches 600 million users, the statistics and information shared in this infographic are as follows:

  • Philippines is now the 5th largest country in Facebook led by the United States.
    • 20,802,540 users as of January 2011
    • 21% of the whole Philippine population to date
    • 70% of all online Filipinos
  • In the age bracket of Facebook users which is 13 onwards, 68% belongs to the 18-35 age bracket. This has increase by 184% over the last three months.
  • Women outnumber the men at 52% and 48% ratio.
Yehey's First Infographic on Facebook Statistics in the PhilippinesYehey Infographic

Yehey's First Infographic on Facebook Statistics in the Philippines

  • Philippines is 4th top growing Facebook countries in the world.
    • 122% growth since January 2010
    • 1.5 new users in January 2011 alone
  • While Lady Gaga bags the global top celebrity fan page in terms of numbers at 26M++, Vice Ganda takes the local spot with 2.6M++ fans.
  • The top 3 leading Commercial Brand Facebook fan pages are:
  • On the average, Filipinos visit Faceboook 3 times a day for a total of 34 minutes. Same is true about 10 million Filipinos on FB on any given day or almost 20 million Filipinos logging into FB every month

Yehey’s Facebook in the Philippines statistics infographic is based on socialbakers.com comscore 2010 Facebook internal data.

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