The Facebook Online Social Network

Facebook Social Network

Facebook Social Network

Have you watched the recent movie entitled “The Social Network” ? It was inspired from the founding story of the Facebook social network. By definition, we are the “nodes” in a relationship; bring it online and it’s called Facebook.:)

Nowadays, statistics show that Facebook is the top social networking site (SNS) for most developed and developing countries around the globe. Bumping Friendster from the top spot about mid of last year,  Facebook has since then become the online social network of choice.
Albeit storming a number of criticisms including privacy issues, Facebook has seemed to remain unfazed amidst it all. As of present, there seems to be no stopping as the number of users continue to grow worldwide at more than 500 million. That’s half a billion registered users.

In the Philippine’s alone, you would hardly find any netizen who is without a Facebook account. Being a former Friendster colony, this comes as a no surprise. :)

Facebook Profile

My Facebook Node

Honestly, I am not sure if this is a good thing or otherwise. I am wary however, of Facebook’s continuously growing scale of influence. For now, I should say, that as an active online individual, I am a strong user of Facebook.

So how big will Facebook be? Will it eventually take the same route as Friendster did and slowly fade as it reaches its peak? Are we just waiting for the “next social network” and jump ship just like what we did to Freindster?

Maybe yes, maybe not.

I guess it’s too early to tell as I see a lot more potential to Facebook than what it has already harnessed at this point in time. I expect to see a bigger social network and a more expansive Facebook in the next few years.

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