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Starbucks Philippines released the Starbucks Card for the first time in our country in 2013. Its success was immediately followed-up with the adorable Christmas edition Starbucks Card.

So we were ecstatic to know when Starbucks Philippines unveiled their newest Starbucks Cards for special occasions last night – the Lunar New Year Card and the Valentine’s Day Card.

Starbucks Card 2014

New Starbucks Card-2014

Lunar New Year Card

Year of the Horse

Year of the Horse

The Chinese New Year this 2014 will be on January 31. And a perfect gift for our Chinese coffee lovers here in the Philippines would be this Lunar New Year Starbucks Card with a prominent Year of the Horse design and the ‘Happy Chinese New Year’ greeting.

I myself is Chinese and was born in the Year of the Horse, so is my wife. For that alone, we loved the card at first sight. :)

Kidding aside, aesthetically, I love the design. It incorporated the red and gold colors which are the traditional new year colors in the Chinese culture representing luck and prosperity. It has Chinese characters (last line) which says “Happy New Year” as well!

Moreover, the horse utilized an artistic texture of different shades and shapes in character of a playful concept fitting the Starbucks experience.

Chinese New Year Starbucks Card

Chinese New Year Starbucks Card

Valentine’s Day Card

Valentine's Day Card

Valentine’s Day Card

Cheesy as it may sound, Valentine’s Day is an important occasion for fun-loving Filipinos. The single teenagers uses this opportunity as an excuse to express their admiration to the apple of their eye.

So in addition to flowers, complementing it with a Php 300 Valentines Day Starbucks Card for your coffee-loving special someone, would surely appreciate this token. She might just give you the sought-after “yes” for a coffee date request. :)

Design-wise, the pink color would certainly click with the girls and the young-at-heart. However, I found the heart shapes a bit stiff. And what’s with the line dividing some of the hearts? Anyhow,  the design was able to redeem itself with the overlapping shades of the heart. Over-all, it could be better, but it was ok.

Valentine's Day Starbucks Card

Valentine’s Day Starbucks Card

Both the Lunar New Year card and the Valentine’s card will be available starting January 12, 2014 in all 200++ Starbucks branches in the Philippines.

The Starbucks Cards come pre-loaded with a Php 300 value. So for a Starbucks Card price of Php 300, the card is essentially free.

More Starbucks Card Promotions!

New Starbucks Card Rewards w/ Free Add-ons

  • You may already know about the complementary free drinks upon Starbucks card registration and accumulating 12 stars. Well, customers can now personalize their complimentary beverage with free add-ons!
  • Free Starbucks Beverage Stars for every P500 Load

    Free Starbucks Beverage Stars for every P500 Load

    Starting tomorrow – January 9, 2013 – all registration and beverage treats now come with up to two (2) free add-ons as a standard benefit (and this is not a promo, but something permanent). Starbucks customers can redeem any Grande handcrafted beverage with up to two (2) free add-ons for every 12 Beverage Stars. Furthermore, customers are automatically credited one (1) free Grande handcrafted beverage with up to two (2) free add-ons for first-time registrations to a Starbucks Account (free add-ons do not apply on handcrafted beverages, however).

Starbucks Card Load ₱500 Promo

  • Starbucks Card load transactions will now earn Beverage Stars for every ₱500 load from February 1 to 24, 2014.
  • Each ₱500 loaded onto a Starbucks Card will automatically receive one (1) Beverage Star. That means 3 stars for a Php 1,500 load!
Valentine's Day Cake

Valentine’s Day Cake

Starbucks Valentine Cake Treat

  • Coffee Love is in the air for one week as Starbucks gives a free slice of cake for a purchase of any two (2) featured beverages from February 8 to 14, 2014.
  • Customers who purchase any two (2) of the featured beverages: Asian Dolce Latte and Chestnut Macchiato of any size with a Starbucks Card will receive one (1) free slice of cake within the promo period.

So, which Starbucks Card is your choice – the Lunar New Year or the Valentine’s Day? Mine is obviously the Chinese New Year card, but hey, maybe I’ll have the Valentine’s Day card too, for wifey!

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