Starbucks PH Welcomes 2019 with ‘Year of the Pig’ Ceramic Mug & More

Drink up and say “Oink” as Starbucks Philippines welcomes the Lunar New Year with new merchandise items led by the ‘Year of the PigCeramic Mug – a 12oz. Zodiac Pig Mug!

Oink! Oink!

You can’t help but say “Oink!” as you sip your favorite Starbucks coffee beverage with the new ‘Year of the PigCeramic Mug!

Starbucks Ceramic Mug

Year of the Pig Starbucks Ceramic Mug (Php 945)

You won’t miss the embossed big curvy white pig with golden ears symbolizing the animal year for 2019 as per the Chinese calendar come Lunar New YearFebruary 5, 2019 – Chinese New Year!

On the other side, you would see the matching ‘behind‘ of a fat pig butt with the Starbucks name. The curve handle resembling a pig’s silhouette also has the red Chinese character for ‘pig‘ printed on it. On the dark red background, you would find golden flower and leaf accent prints.

The big mug can fit a grande or venti-size handcrafted beverage to your liking.

Lunar New Year

Lunar New Year Starbucks Mug

Year of the Pig

Cheers to the upcoming Chinese New Year!

‘Year of the Pig’ Starbucks Card!

Starbucks Card collectors would definitely pair this with the similar 2019 ‘Year of the Pig’ Starbucks Card! This one comes with a somewhat ‘chinky‘ pink pig on a flowery background, Golden dot accents are equally distributed across the card’s surface, perhaps for some ‘luck‘. :)

Subject to confirmation, I think the Lunar New Year Starbucks Card‘s background is inspired from the 2019 Color of the YearLiving Coral; which is a toss between lively pink-orange-fuschia colors!

The Lunar New Year Year of the Pig Card is pre-loaded with Php 300.

Starbucks Card

Lunar New Year Starbucks Card

Lastly, the new year Starbucks merchandise is joined in with a Starbucks coffee bean called ‘Honduras Marcala‘.

It’s a dark roast variant from the signle origin series with a well-balanced caramelly sweet taste.

Starbucks Coffee Bean

Starbucks Coffee Bean

Year of the Pig

2019 Lunar New Year Starbucks Merchandise

Here is a rundown of other New Year merchandise to be available in Starbucks Philippines stores: sourced from Starbucks Card Philippines FB Group

  • Chinese New Year Collection.
    • Lunar New Year of the Pig card with card carrier/sleeve – 300 pesos.
    • Zodiac Pig 12 oz mug – 945 pesos.
    • Dancing Pigs 16 oz stainless-steel tumbler – 1,445 pesos.
    • Pig Water Globe 12 oz tumbler – 895 pesos.
    • Dancing Pig 16 oz tumbler – 845 pesos.
    • Pig & Yellow Flower 12 oz tumbler – 645 pesos.
    • Pink Pig stainless-steel 20 oz water bottle – 1,145 pesos.
    • Pig coin-bank – Available in select stores only 1,545 peso.
    • Bearista Bear Pig – 1,200 pesos.
    • Release date: January 08, 2019.
    • Zodiac Demi set – Available in all stores on January 15, 2019 in limited quantity – 5,545 pesos.
  • Seasonal Core Nature Collection.
    • Available for re-ordering until supplies last starting January 8, 2019. Order will be process on a first come first, serve basis.
    • Wood stainless-steel tumbler 16 oz. – 2,345 pesos.
    • Doodle it wood tumbler 16 oz. – 1,145 pesos.
    • Slim looky lu wood tumbler 16 oz. – 675 pesos.
    • Wood cold cup tumbler 12 oz. – 754 pesos.
    • Ceramic wood mug 12 oz. – 1,245 pesos.
    • Glass with Gloria wood lid 10 oz. – 1,545 pesos.
  • Valentine’s 2019 Collection.
    • Five (5) 2019 Valentine’s die-cut card – 1,000 pesos each.
    • Pink & Lavender 12 oz mugs – 845 pesos each.
    • 16 oz. Heart mug – 945 pesos.
    • Stainless-steel Purple with Arrow 16 oz. tumbler – 1,545 pesos.
    • Purple with Pink Heart 16 oz. tumbler – 795 pesos.
Blogger Manila

Blogger Manila Looking Forward to 2019!

All these would be available in all Starbucks branches and stores in the Philippines starting January 8, 2019!

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Happy New Year! Let’s welcome 2019 with these cute Starbucks Year of the Pig merchandise and Teavana Tea Lattes among the new Starbucks food items!

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