A “Can Do” Life with FWD KanDüü

I got my first life insurance in my mid 20s – pretty early compared with most of my colleagues in the same age range. I got an educational plan insurance and started a number of financial investments in the same decade as well.

You can say that I’m already “secured” in life, in that sense. But not entirely so, insurance products nowadays are more varied and sophisticated. But don’t get me wrong, I meant that in a good sense. Old school insurances back in the days were typically basic.

Life Insurance

I have been buying Life & Non-Life Insurances since almost 2 decades ago

With the changing times, insurance companies and products have adopted to our fast-paced and complicated lifestyle. Well, they should, it’s their job to keep abreast with society and make their products suitable to the need of the market.

Can Do” with FWD KanDüü

So when I discovered about one of the newest products of FWD Life Philippines called KanDuu, it piqued my interest.

It’s basically a set of insurance products – KanMend, KanLive, and KanGuard – that covers critical illness, death, and accidents, respectively. The brand name was made intentional so we “Can Do” pursue our passion in life without worries about the above-mentioned matters.

Now that I’m in my 40s, you can easily guess that I was most interested with the first – KanMend – as it was specifically designed with health and wellness buffs in mind – like me! :)

FWD Insurance Philippines

Shop Online with FWD Insurance Philippines



Going straight to the point, KanMend gives its plan holders a cash benefit of P 100,000 upto age 55, once you get diagnosed with any of 42 covered critical illnesses which include dreaded diseases such as the following:

  • Cancer
  • Heart Diseases
  • Kidney Diseases

Did you know that all 3 I mentioned in the list above are actually the Top 3 causes of death (diseases category) in the world? So give yourself a fighting chance and ease the burden of critical illness medical costs for you or your family!

All this for only P 1,799 per year (for 18 to 50 years old)

Health Insurance

Get Health Coverage on 42 Critical Illnesses!

Moreover, KanMEND comes with a “welcome reward” of 6-months unlimited access to KonsultaMD’s 24/7 telemedicine service. It means no need to leave the house to consult with licensed Filipino doctors. All you need is to call.

“Can-venient” Too

Who’d think that getting insured can be as fast as picking a shirt that you like? With FWD‘s Kanduu, you can easily shop for insurance online the way you’d shop for grocery or gadgets.

True to its vision to change the way people feel about insurance, FWD Philippines has now made insurance more accessible, affordable, and covetable to more Filipinos via shop.fwd.com.ph.

Konsulta MD

Welcome Reward: 6-Months FREE with Konsulta MD

If you’re 18 to 50 years old, you can purchase KanDuu online for only P 1,799/year at shop.fwd.com.ph, FWD PH’s new online insurance marketplace.

Just choose your variant and you’re done in 2 easy steps:

  • Step 1: Fill-up your personal details and click “Buy”
  • Step 2: Pay via Dragonpay, credit card / debit card, and you’re done!

And you’re insured! Quick and hassle-free! You just need a valid ID for verification. And with the FWD insurance app, Tapp, you can access and manage your insurance and rewards on the move.

No medical

Step 1: Fill-up your personal details and clickBuy

FWD Kanduu

Step 2: Pay via Dragonpay, credit card / debit card, and you’re done!

FWD Kanduu KanMEND

My FWD Kanduu KanMEND!

Don’t forget your two other options, aside from KanMEND, you have KanLive and KanGuard, depending on your lifestyle and the objective you want to achieve. Lastly, these Kanduu set of insurance products are really one of a kind as you “can do” all these in a few minutes online and no medical nor paperworks needed!

FWD Tapp

With the FWD insurance app Tapp, you can access and manage your insurance on the move!

FWD Kanduu KanLive

Don’t forget your two other options, aside from KanMEND, you have KanLive and KanGuard

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Do this so you “can do” more in life and secure the finances of your loved ones too while FWD’s got your back! Go to shop.fwd.com.ph to purchase your KanDuu insurance anytime, anywhere!

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