How to Get Links / URL of Facebook Posts

Facebook Post URL

Facebook Post URL

I host contests, both personal and brand sponsored. And sometimes the nature of the contest involves getting the link /URL of a Facebook posts.

It’s actually easy so I hope this short and simple tutorial would be of help to those part of Facebook statistics (FB users).

How to Get Links of Facebook Posts:

  1. Identify or search for the post you want usually found in the Facebook wall.
  2. Click for the ‘time element‘ found in the lower left side.
  3. Step two leads you to another webpage. The link or URL you want can be found in the address bar.
How To Get Facebook Post URL

How To Get Facebook Post URL : Click on the time element

The time element varies. If it was just posted, it may read: “2 mintes ago” or “5 hours ago.” For FB posts done in the distant past, it reflects the date already such as “January 26…

Since we are at the topic, the same procedure holds true for Facebook comments (in green circle and arrow of photo above), photo posts, photo albums, status and the likes.

So the next time you are asked How to Get Link of a Facebook Posts, you know it can be done with a single click.

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