AXE Fragrance that Protects

Being an archipelagic country, we are used to the hot and humid weather of the Philippines; and the unfortunate sweat that results from our exposure to warm temperatures. While we try to look good and stay cool at all times even as we remain indoors, some midday refreshers, like a spritz of cologne or fragrance, can actually backfire. 

Whether or not you realize it, the mixture of smells from sweat and the strong fragrance you tried to use to cover it can actually make things worse. Because fragrance alone is not enough, you actually should be on the lookout for a double-duty product that not only refreshes you, but also protects you from bad odor.

AXE Fragrance that Protects

AXE: Fragrance that Protects

The number one male fragrance brand in the world, AXE introduces its renewed formulation of best-selling deodorant sprays, which now promise up to 48-hour deo protection and best-smelling fragrances to help you feel confident and fresh whenever, wherever.

With its dual-action technology that fights odor-causing bacteria, AXE’s superior fragrances fight off stink to keep guys on top of their game and smelling ready for anything. One quick spray keeps you smelling fresh and irresistible for up to 48 hours.

Odor-busting never smelled this fresh – thanks to AXE! #FragranceThatProtects

Fragrance that Protects

Inside the AXE-Periment

Axe Messi

Axe Messi

AXE Body Sprays are now available in all leading supermarkets, groceries, department stores and convenience stores nationwide, as well as through e-commerce platforms like Lazada and Shopee.

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