The ‘Blogger You’ in Social Networks

Blogger You

Blogger You

When we create our social networking accounts, we regularly think about the “general us” – basic details about ourselves. But if you are a blogger, how much of the Blogger You do you show to the online world?

Particularly in Facebook, being the largest social network we have around, how much of the ‘blogger you’ is visible in your Facebook account? Tip

One of the strongest tool is having your own Facebook Page and growing your community from there. Although this merits a lengthy discussion, you might start from here; and get more help from here in creating your own Facebook Page.

At the other extreme, it can be as simple as including your blogs in your “About” field at the Info Page and/or indicating your URL in the “Website” filed. One downside though, only 6 of my blogs show in the ‘website’ field due to some limitation. In contrast, I was able to list them all in the ‘about’ field. :P

Websites in Facebook Account Information

Websites in Facebook Account Information

Why? So people will know. If a new friend goes to your FB page to know more about you, do you want him/her to discover that you are a blogger as well? Do you want to share more information or interest about a certain topic by leading them to your blog?  Then consider the above mentioned tips.

This are just two ways of enhancing your ‘blogger presence‘ in your own social networking account. The latter one is so basic it’s necessary. :) Does you FB account reflect the ‘Blogger You‘?

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